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Street Fighter 6 Hands-On Gameplay at EVO 2022 (w/ Justin Wong)

You can probably guess who won these first four SF6 rounds.

It’s time for a bit more Street Fighter 6 gameplay from the floor of EVO 2022! A couple of Fanbyte folks decided to attend the show. During which time they got a chance to check out the game for some quality hands-on time. Some of that time included a few matches with Justin Wong. You can see those for yourself in the first half of the 22-minute video! After which we have even more SF6 gameplay to enjoy from earlier this year.

Wong, who was at the show and taking rounds off attendees, played with the staff during the first four rounds. After which our two heroes played (not as well) against each other for the final four. You can see them try out Chun-Li, Jamie, Luke, and Ryu in the series of pitched battles.

Excitement for SF6 has been pretty high of late. Probably in part because the game appears to be really good. Also probably because folks are desperate for a good and different Street Fighter game after the lukewarm (at best) reception to Street Fighter V. That high level of anticipation has also survived an admittedly rough string of leaks out of developer Capcom (and a fairly bizarre initial reveal).

This comes well after an even bigger data breach that basically leaked all of the developer / publisher’s plans for quite a while of come. Much of which, like Dragon’s Dogma 2, has since been officially confirmed.

The game is set well after the events of its predecessor, which was a bit of an “in-between-quel.” SF6 will be the first numbered game in the franchise to take place after the events of Street Fighter III — at which point a lot of characters were canonically dead. Big-name characters at that. M. Bison is one obvious example. Though, given the series’ completely bonkers lore at this point, we won’t be shocked if the villain makes an eventual appearance. He wouldn’t even be the first character to come back from the dead.

Street Fighter 6 EVO 2022 Gameplay

At least some of the game’s roster seems focused on new characters, however. American poster boy Luke was only brought onto the scene recently as a DLC character for SFV.

Unlike SFV, this game will not be a PlayStation and Windows exclusive. Instead, Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to come out sometime next year, in 2023, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Yet one welcome feature is returning from that previous game that will hopefully tie all those platforms together. We know that it’s going to sport crossplay. Though we don’t have a ton of details on how the feature will work (or for who). The same goes for its rollback netcode, which is at least confirmed, but has not yet been detailed very much yet.

Technically, we don’t even “officially” know about a lot of the full roster, which is being shown off bit by bit despite the leaks. At least we got to see Guile in beautiful HD with his (admittedly less beautiful depending on your perspective) new beard.

I supposed we’ll get to see for ourselves when the game hits shelves (and, of course, digital storefronts) next year.

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