Eric Van Allen

Eric Van Allen

Eric is a freelance writer based out of Texas with bylines around the web and way too many hours in Dota 2.





Dyson Sphere Program Tips Guide - 9 Things the Game Doesn't Tell You

Welcome to the universe of Dyson Sphere Program. You’ve probably crash-landed on your first planet, salvaged your landing craft, and already started slowly buzzing down trees, plants, and roc...

Guilty Gear Strive Nails Rollback Netcode, but Its Lobbies Are a Problem

Netcode is the ever-present specter looming over every fighting game launch. The genre ruled by infamous arcade cabinets doesn’t always make the cleanest jump to online battles, with results ranging f...

Every Hitman Level Is a Punchline and Agent 47 Is the Fist

I am a cameraman, wading my way through the crowds of Marrakesh. I’m on my way to an interview, between my GNN news crew and Claus Hugo Strandberg, an illustrious businessman hiding out in the Swiss e...

Early Assess: Dyson Sphere Program Finally Makes an Entire Genre Click

The universe of Dyson Sphere Program is vast and empty. There are tons of little ways the sci-fi automation game, out now in early access, separates itself from its titanic pred...

Every Fighting Game Movie Ever Made, Ranked From Worst to Best

The story portion of fighting games has rapidly evolved over the years. What started with a simple framing device — often a tournament of the world’s finest — has grown into c...