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Naraka Bladepoint Tips Guide - 14 Things the Game Doesn't Tell You

Naraka wins.

There are many takes on the battle royale genre out there, but Naraka Bladepoint introduces itself with a premise more akin to brawlers or fighting games. Confronting 60 players against each other in PVP matches, you’re given the option to choose from a roster of characters with their own skills.

It’s a lot of fun and has a surprising focus on verticality, but the presence of intertwining mechanics, as well as a high learning curve, leads to a tough entry for newcomers. But if you’re patient enough, our Naraka Bladepoint tips will help to make the most out of your surroundings as you practice.

Naraka Bladepoint Tips 2

Naraka Bladepoint Tips

1. You Should Do Quests During Matches

During matches, you will sometimes see golden scrolls floating on the ground. These scrolls give you a quest, and it’s possible to see the objective beforehand just by getting close to it. You should always do these tasks, especially early on in a match, as the objectives are quite simple.

Some of the ones I’ve seen required me to find and open a specific trove or ring a bell a couple of times. The upside is that the objective location is automatically marked on your map, and it’s usually close to the original spot. Quests can take you to explore new places on the map and will always reward you and your teammates with items up for grabs. Considering they can be done promptly, try to always keep an eye out for these scrolls.

2. There Are Hidden Items Inside Crates

Scenery items such as crates can be broken by attacking them, and honestly, I encourage you to do it. While this doesn’t happen all the time, there is a chance of finding money to spend in the vendor during matches, healing items, and all sorts of loot. Doing so won’t damage your weapons’ durability either, so go forth and destroy everything.

3. You Don’t Lose Equipment After Dying

Even with our Naraka Bladepoint tips, players will take you down often. It’s part of the learning curve, but at the very least, you won’t miss equipment in your inventory — this includes weapons, souljades, and any other items. That is unless your teammates don’t get to revive you in time before the countdown ends.

4. Yes, Matchmaking Can Take a While

You may find yourself excited to jump into a quick match only to see a six-minute-long queue for matchmaking. Sadly, this is quite normal. It may depend on the region you choose in the starting screen (you can switch between servers from the bottom left), as well as the general player activity during that day. In general, even if you’re seeing peaks of 60,000 players on Steam, it may take a couple of minutes to enter the fray. Grab yourself a snack in the meantime, or refill that glass of water.

5. You Can Get a Broom Skin For Reporting a Hacker

If you want the spear to look like a broom, there is a skin available that provides that. While it’s up for grabs if you want to purchase it in the store, submitting reports of in-game hackers can grant you the skin for free.

The official site has the details, but in summary: submitting a valid report will net you a Valuable Chest; 10 valid reports will reward you with 10 Valuable Chests; and players who “have submitted multiple valid reports” will be given the legendary Spear skin, which is called Righteous Polearm.

If you want to know how to spot a hacker, keep an eye on players that teleport around frequently. At the end of the day, it’s a nice little extra to have.

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6. Get to Level 4 to Unlock Talents

It may seem as if there aren’t many character customization options at first, but don’t fret: getting to account level 4 unlocks Talents, which is a new tab in the main menu. Thankfully, you can achieve this just by playing a couple of matches and completing daily quests.

From here, you can start equipping Glyphs, which will strengthen a character’s stats. In addition, you’re able to switch some of their skills from here — although that will require some more time.

7. You Can Get 800 Tae and 800 Silk With a Mobile App

If you want to get some extra in-game currency (800 Tae and 800 Silk), there is a companion app for both Android and iOS devices called Naraka+. Honestly, I don’t see much utility in having the dynamic map displayed on the phone as I’m playing, but if you link your account, you should get the free currency. This won’t go away if you decide to uninstall the app afterward.

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8. Custom Matches Can Be Great to Just Practice

Once you reach account level 5, you will unlock the Custom Match tab in the main menu. As the name implies, this grants you access to matches created by other players. Alongside the fact that you won’t have to wait in the matchmaking queue, custom matches provide a great opportunity to just practice without the pressure, which comes useful once you start gaining ranks in multiplayer.

9. Beware of Your Reputation Score

You may notice at the end of matches that there is a “reputation bonus” in your total score — this refers to your reputation level. Basically, all players start with 8,800 points, and this score can be increased through matchmaking and completing matches.

That being said, this score can be lowered with certain actions. Leaving during the preparation phase of a match in either Solos or The Bloodbath, as well as exiting Trios when your team has three members, will penalize you. Moreover, if you leave games before you and your teammates are completely dead, this will also count for bad reputation points.

You can get away with doing the aforementioned actions a couple of times, but keep an eye on your reputation score. Players with less than 7,500 points won’t be able to queue for The Herald’s Trial, while those below 6,000 will no longer be able to join Quick Match. If the score is too low, your account may get banned instead.

10. Always Be Picking Up Souljades

Souljades are items that can be either looted or purchased from the vendor during matches. Basically, they act as upgrades that can impact your attack damage and defense against melee or range impacts, speed up repair time, and so on. Always be on the lookout for them among troves or fallen players.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be equipping all the souljades you find early in the match, but from there, always make sure to look for better versions of them. This is clearly marked by the item rarity but is also signalized in a clear manner (from Health Souljade to Health Souljade II or Health Souljade III, and so on.)

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11. Pressing Tab Allows You to See Nearby Items

One neat feature from Naraka Bladepoint is the way it displays nearby items. If another player got killed, all you have to do is get close to it and press Tab instead of manually interacting with its body. By default, this keybind opens your inventory — but it will simultaneously show any loot available in your surroundings, displayed on a column on the left side. This makes it much easier to quickly browse your findings, replace your equipment with better versions or pick up items, and keep on moving.

12. Purchase Weapon Bag and Item Bag Upgrades Early

The in-game vendor during matches sells many helpful items, but there are two you should focus on early on. Having at least one weapon bag or item bag increases the carrying size for the respective object by two slots. They aren’t pricy, and you will appreciate the extra space as you progress through the match.

13. Always Eat Prickly Pears

If you see a glowing pear on the ground, go ahead and eat it. Prickly Pears will increase your attack for 120 seconds — two minutes can be a significant time to have this advantage, as that can easily be the duration of an encounter. Sadly, the benefit doesn’t stack up if you eat several of them, but it’s worth making a quick stop to grab the fruit if you find one.

14. You Need An Item to Change Your Username

Yeah… if for whatever reason you want to change your username, you’ll need to use a New Name Glyph. You can obtain one with 4800 Tae just by playing, or with 240 gold using real money. It has a one-time use, and you won’t be able to change the username again for another seven days. My advice? Try not to make any typos when you first log into the game with a new account and you’ll be set. In the worst-case scenario, you can get a New Name Glyph as a reward in the free version of the battle pass.

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