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Naraka Bladepoint Hidden Treasure - How to Level Up Your Battle Pass

Open secret.

By now, you must have learned that Naraka Bladepoint loves to have fancy names for everything. From the in-game currency Tae to loot boxes branded as Immortal Treasure, there is quite the glossary to parse through.

If you happen to stumble upon Hidden Treasure XP, that’s yet another term you’ll get used to in no time. This guide will clarify any confusions you may have about Naraka Bladepoint Hidden Treasure XP, as well as how to level up your battle pass quickly by using this item.

How to Get Hidden Treasure Fast – Naraka Bladepoint

Hidden Treasure is Naraka Bladepoint‘s name for its battle pass, while Hidden Treasure XP is an item used to level it up. This impacts both the free and premium tiers, mind you, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it in case you want a specific item.

Let’s start with the Hidden Treasure XP sources available:

  • Completing daily quests
  • Completing daily challenges from Journey’s Dawn
  • Cavalry quests
  • Just playing matches

Yeah, there aren’t too many sources available, but that’s okay. The upside of gathering Hidden Treasure XP as opposed to other in-game currencies is that it’s quite constant. If you’re solely playing matches, you’ll be granted XP each time. But while you do so, even if you’re not paying too much attention to secondary objectives, you will still be progressing towards daily quests, challenges, and Cavalry tasks.

Naraka Bladepoint Hidden Treasure 2

Daily quests can be found on the left column of the lobby, as well as under Cavalry – Quests. The objectives tend to be straightforward enough: completing a match, dealing a specific amount of damage with a weapon type, or even just traveling 2,000 meters around the map. You can expect around 600 Hidden Treasure XP from daily quests alone, and depending on the ones you get, you may even complete all three in one match.

Then, there are daily challenges from Journey’s Dawn. These can be a bit more time-consuming, but you should at least try to log in every day to claim that reward. I wouldn’t rely solely on these, but it can be a good complement to the rest — especially since challenges don’t go away if you didn’t complete them during their respective day.

My recommendation is to check the Cavalry quests list periodically and note down a couple before each match. Alongside daily quests, you’ll find tasks for each week that the season pass has been present. Each week usually has seven quests — depending on the objective, you can net from 200 to almost 400 Naraka Bladepoint Hidden Treasure XP each. While more complicated, there are also Season Quests, which grant 450 to 650 Hidden Treasure XP.

Hidden Treasure Rewards – Naraka Bladepoint

In case it’s worth mentioning, your Naraka Bladepoint account level is separated from your Hidden Treasure level. The former is mostly focused on unlocking the game’s features, from match modes to character mechanics like Talents. On the other hand, collecting Hidden Treasure XP will help you with the battle pass alone.

Naraka Bladepoint Hidden Treasure 3

Here are the rewards you can find in the Hidden Treasure:

  • Immortal Treasure
  • Tae
  • Silk
  • Avatars
  • Weapon Skins
  • Backgrounds/Bases for your character profile
  • Scorekeeper Cards
  • Cavalry Coins
  • New Name Glyphs
  • Hairstyles
  • Gestures
  • Accessories
  • Outfits
  • Emotes
  • Gold (available in the Advanced Hidden Treasure only)

Advanced Hidden Treasure is yet another fancy name that refers to the premium battle pass. Sticking to the free battle pass will still give you plenty of rewards, which you can see at any time in the Cavalry tab, as well as when it’s coming to an end and how much Hidden Treasure XP you need to reach the next level. Best of luck getting cool shit for your characters!

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