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Naraka Bladepoint Immortal Treasure Guide - How To Get Free Chests

My immortal.

In the current Naraka Bladepoint structure, there are no Pay to Win elements to worry about. However, microtransactions are still pretty much present with a plethora of cosmetics available. You can hold some of them with Tae after completing certain tasks, but there are ways to obtain the game’s loot boxes without paying a dime.

This guide will explain how to get Immortal Treasure chests in Naraka Bladepoint for free — as long as you’re patient enough, that is.

How to Get Free Immortal Treasure Chests – Naraka Bladepoint

Starting with the basics, you can obtain Naraka Bladepoint Immortal Treasure from the following sources:

  • Spending 4,000 Tae (for each chest)
  • Completing daily challenges (depends on the day)
  • Leveling up the battle pass
  • Leveling up weapon proficiencies
  • Cultivation quests
  • Your hard-earned money (maybe don’t?)

In my guide about Tae, I recommended focusing on leveling up weapon proficiencies — that remains true here as well. You can obtain up to 7,800 Tae if you hit max level with one weapon, which equals almost two Immortal Treasure chests. While that doesn’t sound like much, three of the rewards for each weapon are actual chests: hitting weapon proficiency levels 5, 15, and 20 will net you a chest.

While I’m not the biggest fan of math (I fucking hate math), reaching out weapon proficiency level 20 with all 14 weapons equals 42 Immortal Treasure chests. This is an unbelievably time-consuming task, of course, but this is just to provide the big picture.

Naraka Bladepoint Immortal Treasure 2

There are other options as well. Always keep an eye on Journey’s Dawn, which is a series of daily challenges with rewards for each. Individually, you’ll be getting a couple hundred Tae and Hidden Treasure. But during specific days, you have the chance to obtain an Immortal Treasure by completing a certain number of challenges. Said tasks aren’t too complicated: sometimes all you have to do is log in to the game, open five troves during matches, and play specific game modes.

Lastly, the battle pass will also grant you a couple of chests over time. For reference, the current free tier has a total of ten Immortal Treasure chests scattered across several dozens of levels in between each of them. Some are fairly out of reach, but there is a Cavalry Treasure at level 15, which is worth aiming towards.

Differences Between Immortal and Cavalry Treasure – Naraka Bladepoint

There are two kinds of loot boxes in Naraka Bladepoint: Immortal Treasure and Cavalry Treasure. The main difference is the highest rarity of cosmetics you can find, with Cavalry being the premium option.

Here’s what you can expect from each chest type:

  • Immortal Treasure chests guarantee “Epic or better cosmetics” every ten attempts, which can be triggered “multiple times” — every 100 attempts, you are guaranteed an Extreme cosmetic instead.
  • Cavalry Treasure chests guarantee Legendary cosmetics every 100 attempts, which can be triggered “multiple times” as well.

If you’re wondering exactly what these possible rewards are, follow these steps: from the main menu, head to the Treasure Pavilion on the left column, select either of the chests, and press the eye icon on top to see the list of rewards. Here’s where the promise of that one outfit or hairstyle you really wanted starts to fade a bit.

Naraka Bladepoint Immortal Treasure 3
For reference, I got a belt for a character I’ll probably never use.

Loot boxes, microtransactions, and battle passes aren’t exactly new, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that opening a Naraka Bladepoint Immortal Treasure or Cavalry Treasure may give you anything from an emote to a Rare accessory instead of Epic or Legendary cosmetics. The range is quite wide and, frankly, geared towards players spending actual money to increase chances.

If you don’t care about cosmetics, you’ll get a couple of chests every now and then just by playing. And if you do, well, I recommend keeping your expectations as low as possible and just enjoying the game without worrying too much about the looks of your characters. Otherwise, you’ll be spending around $2 USD per Immortal Treasure. Save up that money and get yourself a cool indie like Chicory: A Colorful Tale instead.

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