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Fall Guys Skins List - All Fall Guys Outfits Available

Fall Guys is a fun, fun game to play with your friends. I’d be lying, however, if I didn’t say that looking cute as all heck wasn’t a huge bonus. While the game is new, there are already more than a few handfuls of outfits to collect. You’ve more than likely seen one or two that you don’t have and want to get, so we’ve put together this list of all Fall Guys skins so you can plan on obtaining them!

There are a variety of different outfit types. Some were only available as pre-order bonuses others can still be purchased but will set you back real world cash. Then there are the skins you can get in game through the season pass or rotating store. But even that isn’t as simple because there are two different types of currency. Kudos can be earned just by playing and are awarded at the end of every match. Dubs on the other hand, as per their name, are only given out during victories or rarely, from the season pass.

Note: This list only includes skins that have been seen in the launched title as of October 23, 2020. Keep in mind that the daily rotation section of the store is unique per person. Because of this, you may have seen skins that are not yet in this list.

Recently Added: The Messenger, dubs skin!

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Store Rotation Kudos Outfits

These skins are available for purchase with Kudos, the currency you get from simply playing games.


The first half of Valkyrie is here and it’s in the global shop!

Price: 14,000 Kudos (7,000 each)

Huff Puff

If you missed out on the free Big Bad skin when Fall Guys first launched, this is the skin you want!

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)

Mother Hen

For when you also want to play like the chicken you are.

Price: 14,000 Kudos (7,000 each)


A skin commemorating the Fall Guys community manager.

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)


The duchess to their duke.

Price: 11,000 Kudos (11,000 each)


I can’t believe I accidentally bought the upper half while trying to screencap these…

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)

Rainbow Water

If banana milk water(?) isn’t your thing, try a swig of rainbow water!

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)


We finally got the Parrot skin in our shop.

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)


Ah there it is. You’re no golden egg, but you can be a regular old egg. Beans come from eggs, didn’t you know?

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)


Sure don’t know what this is, but enjoy the feet.

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)


The purple palette swap for Topsy.

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)


The blue palette swap for Raptor.

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)


Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

Price: 4,000 Kudos (2,000 each)


It’s a duck!

Price: 7,000 Kudos (3,500 each)


Channel your inner woolly mammoth.

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)


The first featured outfit to be sold for Kudos instead of Dubs, but it is an expensive one!

Price: 14,000 Kudos (7,000 each)

Banana Water

B.A.N.A.N.A. W.A.T.E.R.

Price: 9,000 Kudos (4,500 each)


For any boxing fans out there!

Price: 4,000 Kudos (2,000 each)

Tropics Toucan

Now just give us a peck/headbutt emote.

Price: 7,000 Kudos (3,500 each)


If you’d rather be a herbivore.

Price: 7,000 Kudos (3,500 each)


You’ve seen it in the promotional materials and now it’s finally arrived.

Price: 7,000 Kudos (3,500 each)

Pitcher Perfect

Unfortunately, the bat is not included.

Price: 4,000 Kudos (2,000 each)

White Dove

A white reskin of the pigeon outfit you can earn from the battle pass.

Price: 4,000 Kudos (2,000 each)

Store Rotation Dubs Outfits

On the other hand, these skins require Dubs, the currency you get from winning games and season pass levels.

The Messenger

Price: ??? Dubs (??? Each)

This weekend’s upcoming special skin.


Price: 2 Dubs (1 Each)

Getchya clip clops.


Price: 6 Dubs (3 Each)

For some reason Twoo costs three dubs and that upsets me.


Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)

It’s Gris! From the game, Gris!

Deep Diver

Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)

There’s also a cheaper, Kudos version of this skin if you’d rather save your dubs. We’ll get that one added as soon as it pops up.

Gato Roboto

Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)


My Friend Pedro

Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)

And yes, the banana has a smiley face on the back.


Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)

Mediatonic just went and gave the beans a skin suit.


Price: 2 Dubs (1 Each)

Yes, the monkey pants do have a tail.


Price: 6 Dubs (3 Each)

Champ is the fancy version of Knockout.


Price: 2 Dubs (1 Each)

A different kind of bean.

Flower Pot

Price: 2 Dubs (1 Each)

It’s the cheapest dub skin yet!


Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)

More Valve skins!

Little Leaguer

Price: 6 Dubs (3 Each)

Put on your best baseball suit to play soccer that one time.


Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)

Two faces are better than one, I guess.


Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)

It should come as no surprise that Valve is also letting Mediatonic add some Team Fortress characters to Fall Guys.

Golden Hatchling

Price: 6 Dubs (3 Each)

Turn from a bean into an egg. We don’t know what the bottom half looks like as that hasn’t been sold yet.

Master Ninja

Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)

Become a ninja! (Feel free to ignore our excellent Photoshop skills)


Price: 6 Dubs (3 Each)

Comes with a stylish hairstyle and everything.


Price: 6 Dubs (3 Each)

Well this is easily the biggest departure from a default skin so far. Fill that needless body space with an aquarium!


Gordan Freeman may be locked behind pre-orders, but Alyx is freely available if you’re good enough.

Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each)


Fans of Hotline Miami can purchase this crossover costume for the next three days!

Price: 10 Dubs (5 Each) 

Fall Guys Hotline Miami Outfit

Fall Guys Season 2 Outfits

Here are the skins you’re chasing this season!


For pillaging castles.

Unlocked at Rank 6/10.


We’re all just a bunch of clowns anyway.

Unlocked at Rank 16/22.

Elder Dwarf

Now don’t be taking any guff from them younger dwarfs.

Unlocked at Rank 28/37.

Fall Guys Season 1 Outfits

Ranking up the Season 1 Battle Pass will unlock the following skins in stages.

Note: We’ve smashed some of these images together to combine the legs and head when possible.

Hunter Skin

Hunter is the final skin available in the Season 1 pass and is the only one which modifies your blank facial expression.

Chicken Skin

For when you want to have a clunkin’ good time.

Hot Dog Skin

Just don’t fall out of the bun.

Rookie Skin

Get some real exercise in out there folks.

Pigeon Skin

One of the best skins from the game’s beta makes a return.

Expired Outfits

Gordon Freeman

This Steam exclusive outfit was given to those who pre-ordered Fall Guys on Steam before its release.

Crash Test Dummy

This outfit was granted to those who partook in the Fall Guys beta.

These outfits are only available through real world money purchases.

Dragon Hugger Costume Pack (Knight, Wizard, Dragon)

Some of those medieval skins are locked behind the new Dragon Hugger Costume Pack.

Price: $5

Collector’s Edition Skins (Ecto Pirate, Fairycorn, Astronaut)

This collection of three skins and some other accessories will set you back about $10.

Price: $10

Fast Food Costume Pack (Burger, Fries, Slushie)

Ever seen food running an obstacle course? Yeah, me neither, but there’s a first time for everything.

Price: $5

Free Outfits


Was given to all players to make up for the game’s server issues during the weeks after launch.

Big Bad

This skin is actually free for all players who logged in during week one of the game’s release.

That’s it for now! We’ll obviously be striving to keep this guide up to date as much as possible. If you’re here and reading it, thank you!

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