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Fall Guys Minigames Guide - List of All Current Games

We’ve all been there. You have one specific minigame that you love in Fall Guys, but you can’t remember the name of it. No worries though, we’ve got a complete list of every game in Fall Guys with a brief description for each. That way you no longer have to guess. Lord knows we haven’t played nearly enough Hoarders. Yes, that’s a game type.

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Large Minigames

These games are selected in rounds where there are lots of players in the game. Expect to see them early in the match.

Dizzy Heights (Race)

Navigate your way through rotating platforms, falling balls, and more rotating platforms before encountering both of them on a race to the top.

See Saw (Race)

See saws. That’s it. The entire round is just one big race from one see saw to the next. Most of the challenge comes from trying to pick the right side of the see saw to support.

Door Dash (Race)

Jump through doors in an ever narrowing hallway where only so many will open. This is one where being in first isn’t always most ideal.

Fruit Chute (Race)

Climb up an inclined treadmill while dodging the fruit which are cannoned in your direction. Make sure to keep an eye out for the rolling log which does right down the middle!

Hit Parade (Race)

Push through some pinwheels without falling over, dodge the swinging balls, and climb up a slippery slope to victory.

Gate Crash (Race)

This one is similar to Door Dash, but instead of solid doors, there are gates which move up and down at semi-random intervals. Time your entries to make sure you aren’t blocked and forced to wait for your gate to open.

Slime Climb (Race)

This inclined obstacle course forces you to move quickly or succumb to the ever rising slime. Be careful! If you touch the slime you’re eliminated for good!

The Whirlygig (Race)

Yet another obstacle course with a focus on rotating propellers. Quick tip: You can make the middle route at the end easier by sticking to the left!

Medium Minigames

After a good 20-30 players have been eliminated, the game will move onto these game modes.

Jump Club (Survival)

In this game everyone is on an elevated platform with two rotating handles. The large pink one, above, only hits you if you jump. The lower, faster bar goes for your legs. Make sure you time things correctly so you don’t encounter the bars when they line up vertically.

Block Party (Survival)

Everyone is stuck on a narrow platform as blocks rise up and try to sweep players off. It’s basically like Hole in the Wall.

Roll Out (Survival)

Be prepared for a long match. Everyone is placed on a rolling log with five separate sections. Obstacles and holes will try to get you to fall as the entire thing rotates faster and faster.

Egg Scramble (Team)

The field is split into three teams and spawned into an arena with eggs in the center. Gather eggs and bring them back to your base to score points. Golden eggs are worth five points.

Jinxed (Team)

Jinxed is just an infection game mode. Each team spawns with one infected person, surrounded by pink mist, who has to touch opposing players to spread the plague. The team who has the last person uninfected, wins.

Hoarders (Team)

This game seems to be relatively rare. With the map split into three quadrants, all you need to do is try to keep as many balls as possible inside your team’s territory! When the match ends, the team with the fewest is eliminated.

Hoopsie Daisy (Team)

Jump through randomly spawning hoops! Again, the team with the fewest is eliminated.

Rock N Roll (Team)

A team game where you’re tasked with pushing a ball up a hill through some obstacles. Once you reach the top, your ball and your team will drop down to the ground below. Every team comes down here before reaching the goal and frequently teams will try to stop the enemies from scoring.

Fall Ball (Team)

Rocket League but with legs.

Tail Tag (Hunt/Team)

Certain players will spawn with tails. Have one when the timer runs out to win. Can be solo or team based.

Perfect Match (Team)

The lone match game. 16 tiles appear before you, each with a fruit on them. Make sure you’re standing on the indicated fruit when time runs out or fall to your elimination. As the rounds go on, a higher variety of fruit will spawn, in theory making this more difficult.

Tip Toe (Race)

Before you stands a bunch of tiles with the goal on the other side. There are only two valid paths but no indications as to whether a tile will collapse or not until you step on it.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Small Minigames

These are your match ending rounds!

Fall Mountain (Final)

Climb to the top of the mountain avoiding falling obstacles, spinning hammers, and claiming the crown at the top. Just remember to grab it!

Hex-A-Gone (Final)

Layers of hexagonal tiles lay below you. Each can only be stepped on briefly before vanishing. Simply be the last one to fall into the goop below.

Jump Showdown (Final)

Jump Club, but as a final match. Except this time, floor pieces fall away one by one. A large part of this comes down to luck as players will frequently be isolated to opposite corners only for one piece to drop before the other.

Royal Fumble (Final)

There’s only one tail. Have it when the round ends and you claim victory.

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