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Fall Guys Rarest Skins Guide - What Are the Rarest Skins in Fall Guys? (Season 1)

Fall Guys has been out for less than two months and it already has an impressive roster of outfits for your colorful bean. Ranging from costumes from high profile games to more innocuous ideas, these skins allow players to distinguish themselves from their peers. Unsurprisingly, players want to flex on others by showcasing their rare skins, designs, or emotes. Since some of the best-looking skins are tied behind actually winning games of Fall Guys, this makes certain outfits quite difficult for every player to obtain. Since no amount of real-world money can purchase you the My Friend Pedro banana outfit.

We should be clear, developer Mediatonic has not released any statistics about how many players own certain skins. Instead, we will be going off when and how many times a skin is available, along with any that may be tied to special requirements such as pre-orders. This list will most certainly change, so make sure to check back with us since it appears that some of the older Fall Guys skins are coming back.

The Rarest Fall Guys Skins

Twitch Rivals

Perhaps the rarest skin currently in Fall Guys, this announcer outfit is given out to those who participate in the Fall Guys Fridays Twitch Rivals tournaments. While it’s believed by some that you’ll be able to obtain this outfit as a Twitch Drop in the future, currently only the competitors own this skin. This means you’ll not only need to be very good at this game but reach partner status on Twitch. Mediatonic themselves have even acknowledged the rarity of this skin, so don’t expect to see virtually anyone rocking this look.

Gordan Freeman Headcrab Variant

This skin is no longer available, as it was tied to pre-ordering Fall Guys on PC. Not only does the pre-order factor limit the number of users with this skin, but it’s also platform exclusive. Since there’s no way to obtain this outfit anymore, it’s a rather rare skin that will only become rarer as Fall Guys’ community continues to expand.

Crash Test Dummy

Another skin that players can no longer obtain, the Crash Test Dummy outfit was awarded to those who participated in the Fall Guys beta. While there was some buzz going into the beta, Fall Guys didn’t explode until Twitch streamers showcased this game’s wacky multiplayer. Because of that, there was a rather limited number of people who participated in this pre-launch test. The beta was also only for PC, so if you played on PS4 then you are completely out of luck.

Fall Guys Hotline Miami Outfit


Our first skin that costs Crowns, this was the second outfit that was available via the store’s weekly rotation. Costing a total of 10 Crowns for both pieces, this set was pretty difficult to obtain simply because players will still learning how to play. Getting wins was less about skill and more about fumbling your way to victory. Even though it’s possible for Jacket to return, this is currently one of the rarest Crown skins in the entire game.


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see anyone ever use this skin. Another win-focused outfit, to purchase the Scout you will need a total of 10 Crowns. Similar to Jacket, this skin dropped pretty early following Fall Guys’ release. One of several Valve skins, the Scout is far and away the rarest of the group. Unlike Chel or P-Body which had some hype behind them, the Scout’s arrival was rather innocuous. Additionally, getting the wins needed to obtain the full outfit was pretty tricky, which caused those who did buy Scout to only grab the top half. That’s why it’s so rare to see a complete set, as many users only managed to scrape together enough wins to just purchase part of a skin.

Make sure to check out our full list of Fall Guys skins, so you know what to save your Kudos or Crowns for!

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