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League Tier List (LoL Tier List): All League Champions Ranked for 8.24

League of Legends can be a brutal game. It takes time, hard work, and not just a little luck to dominate ranked play. Even then, you might be missing that competitive edge — that one little spark that pushes you over the edge of mediocrity and into greatness. That’s where our League of Legends champion tier list comes in.

We’ve gone down the list of every available champion, so far, and broken them into categories. Each of these tiers represents a level of competitive power that might tip the balance of the game in your favor. Just knowing which champs are “viable” isn’t enough, of course. You still need to practice. But our hope is that this list will point you towards the right champion to master, regardless of role.

LoL Tier List last updated during the 8.24 patch.

We’ll update it every month as the meta changes, too. So make sure to check back often for more shifts and thoughts on the state of the game. And if you want to get a sense of each character’s personality, head over to our League of Legends model viewer for a closer look!

Camille League of Legends Tier

S-Tier: The Champions Among Champions

S-tier champions are powerhouses. They’re generally picked or banned in every single game at higher ranks. More generally, the current meta allows these champions to be a great pick regardless of opposing picks.

Currently, the meta has moved back to mobility champions and away from tanky bruisers — partially due to preseason setting higher ranks a bit lower for a time. This allows the top lane to revolve around assassins with great mobility that can also shut down mobile champions. The jungle is going to be full of assassins that can shut down mobile champions and get near them. Mid lane and ADC (attack damage carry) is where the mobile champions come into play. Supports are there to help grab picks with either crowd control or burst damage.

Akali – Top/Mid
Camille – Top/Jungle
Irelia – Top
Jax – Top
Sion – Top

Kha’Zix – Jungle
Lee Sin – Jungle

Kassadin – Mid
Neeko – Mid
Yasuo – Mid

Kai’Sa – Carry
Lucian – Carry

Brand – Support
Pyke – Support
Thresh – Support
Zyra – Support

Leona League of Legends Tier

A-Tier: Totally Solid Picks

A-tier champions are strong and work well in most games. They aren’t always banned, but are certainly more likely to give you an edge than lower ranked picks.

A majority of these champions go to folks that can abuse some of the weaker, mobile champions in the lane or simply have less mobility/strength than the previous tier. If a player takes someone mobile and squishy top, you can bet Darius or Pantheon put them in their place.

Darius – Top
Kled – Top
Pantheon – Top
Urgot – Top

Elise – Jungle
Evelynn – Jungle
Xin Zhao – Jungle

Ahri – Mid
Annie – Mid
Cassiopeia – Mid
Zoe – Mid

Ashe – Carry
Draven – Carry
Jhin – Carry
Kalista – Carry
Twitch – Carry

Blitzcrank – Support
Janna – Support
Leona – Support

Atrox League of Legends Tier

B-Tier: The Best of the Above-Average

B-tier champions are good! In fact, you might say they’re slightly better than the average champion… just not by much. These are picks that you’d probably want to have some experience with, to give yourself an edge in games. They lack true mobility most of the time, but still have something that allows them to get around — or simply survive long enough to do some damage to the enemy.

Aatrox – Top
Jayce – Top
Lissandra – Top/Mid
Mordekaiser – Top
Renekton – Top

Graves – Jungle
Kayn – Jungle
Kindred – Jungle
Nidalee – Jungle
Shaco – Jungle
Udyr – Jungle
Warwick – Jungle

Anivia – Mid
Aurelion Sol – Mid
Ekko – Mid
Fizz – Mid
Karthus – Mid
Talon – Mid
Twisted Fate – Mid
Zed – Mid

Kog’maw – Carry
Sivir – Carry
Vayne – Carry
Lux – Support
Morgana – Support
Nami – Support
Nautilus – Support
Soraka – Support

Ezreal League of Legends Tier

C-Tier: Only as Good as You

C-tier champions form the middle of the pack. They aren’t great, but still have a place in the current meta. These are likely to be chosen as counter-picks against the previous tiers, or excel if you simply take the time to master them.

However, in the current meta, most of these champions will just get kited by the highly mobile picks (as seen above). While some can be used quite effectively, most of these champions require skill shots or simply staying near the target.

Cho’Gath – Top
Dr. Mundo – Top
Galio – Top
Gangplank – Top
Garen – Top
Gnar – Top
Illaoi – Top
Kayle – Top
Kennen – Top
Malphite – Top
Maokai – Top
Olaf – Top
Poppy – Top
Quinn – Top
Riven – Top
Rumble – Top
Shen – Top
Teemo – Top
Tryndamere – Top
Vladimir – Top/Mid

Amumu – Jungle
Gragas – Jungle/Support
Hecarim – Jungle
Ivern – Jungle
Jarvan IV – Jungle
Nocturne – Jungle
Nunu & Willump – Jungle
Rammus – Jungle
Rek’Sai – Jungle
Rengar – Jungle
Sejuani – Jungle
Skarner – Jungle
Taliyah – Jungle
Trundle – Jungle/Top
Vi – Jungle
Wukong – Jungle
Zac – Jungle

Azir – Mid
Brand – Mid
Diana – Mid
Katarina – Mid
Leblanc – Mid
Malzahar – Mid
Orianna – Mid
Swain – Mid
Syndra – Mid
Veigar – Mid
Vel’Koz – Mid
Xerath – Mid
Ziggs – Mid

Caitlyn – Carry
Corki – Carry
Ezreal – Carry
Jinx – Carry
Miss Fortune – Carry
Tristana – Carry

Alistar – Support
Braum – Support
Karma – Support
Lulu – Support
Rakan – Support
Sona – Support
Taric – Support
Zilean – Support

Ornn League of Legends Tier

D-Tier: Wait for a Patch

D-tier champions are currently out of the meta. They are either countered by regularly picked champions, their items of choice are weak, or they simply need some buffs overall. You can still play a D Ranked champion. You can play whatever character you enjoy! But these picks require mastery to win with regularly, as they may not have much overall impact on the game without a major lead. A few of these champions will get buffs shortly (League is always changing) that could bring them back into the C-tier or higher.

Nasus – Top
Ornn – Top
Singed – Top
Volibear – Top
Yorick – Top

Heimerdinger – Mid
Ryze – Mid
Viktor – Mid

Fiddlesticks – Jungle
Master Yi – Jungle
Shyvana – Jungle

Varus – Carry
Xayah – Carry

Tahm Kench – Support

Tier lists will always be a mix of opinion and meta. As such, this is not meant as a replacement for experience with a given champion! Some champs barely fit in their tier as-is and may be towards the lower or higher end of their placement. In the end, get some practice with a champion before taking them into ranked. And make sure you have fun out there!

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