The Ultimate Solo Warlock PVE Build for Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Hey Warlocks. Looking to knock out some Legendary Lost Sectors or fight your way through Presage solo? I’ve got a retro build for you that combines the best tech of Season of the Worthy with the star Exotic of the now-shelved Reckoning activity. Put down that Stasis staff, because it’s time to come back to the light.


  • Kinetic — Anything / Bow / Scout Rifle
  • Energy — Salvager’s Salvo / Bow / Scout Rifle
  • Heavy — Xenophage


  • Exotic Chest — Phoenix Protocol

Well of Radiance plus Phoenix Protocol is a powerful set that, in combination with Xenophage, will let you melt bosses, wipe out rooms, and keep your Super up as much as possible. If you’ve been using a Sword in your Heavy slot for the last few seasons, I truly cannot overemphasize how good Xenophage is. It chews through Champions, blows through shields even on Match Game, and does splash damage — but can’t hurt you. With regards to your other weapons, it depends if you’re in a Champion-rich environment. If not, go wild with Salvager’s Salvo, which is just an incredibly fun and useful weapon in most scenarios. Otherwise, you’re going to want to go dual Primary. My preference is some combination of Scout Rifle, Bow, and Pulse Rifle for Anti-Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable mods respectively, though you could also use a Sniper Rifle.

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Core Mods

  • Warmind’s Protection — One of the best Warmind mods for high-level content, Warmind’s Protection causes enemies around a cell to deal reduced damage. This allows us to just produce a cell and leave it on the ground, acting as a debuff for any foe around it. If you’re playing solo, you don’t have to worry about teammates shooting your cells, and you always have the option of detonating them if things are getting hairy.
  • Wrath of Rasputin — We need a way to make Warmind Cells to use them, and unless you’re running IKELOS or Seventh Seraph weapons, Wrath of Rasputin is the most reliable way to do that. The mod gives you a chance to generate cells on Solar splash damage kills, which means every Xenophage kill has a chance to pop one out.
  • Global Reach — Standard auxiliary Warmind Cell mod which increases the range of Warmind’s Protection.

Additional Mods

Machine Gun Ammo Finder, Machine Gun Reserves, and Machine Gun Scavenger are all extremely useful mods that will help ensure you don’t run out of Xenophage ammo. You can work Charged With Light into the build via Incinerating Light or Light From Darkness, and then use it to boost your damage with High-Energy Fire or your survivability with Protective Light. Alternately, you can getting Elemental Wells in the mix and use them to boost your Xenophage damage with Font of Might. Finally, Inferno Whip can give you another way of putting down Unstoppable Champions.

That’s the build! It’s a great way to handle high-level content on your own, but it also plays well with others in Nightfalls and Gambit. Try it out and let me know what you think.