The Last of Us Part 2 Auto Shop Safe Guide – What is the Safe Code?

As you journey through The Last of Us Part 2 you’ll come across a number of hidden secrets and items scattered throughout the campaign. While some are just lying around others are locked in safes which requires you to hunt down the code. Thankfully, you can typically find the code or a clue towards the code hidden somewhere nearby on a scrap of paper. One of these safes you’ll encounter about halfway through the game is at the Auto Repair garage which is a little after your first encounter with the Washington Liberation Front’s attack dogs.

How to Unlock the Auto Repair Safe

You will find this safe when you reach a small town that is seemingly deserted at first glance but has some infected hiding in various areas. One of these is the Auto Repair store which is just behind the salon and tattoo parlor on your left. When you approach the garage, you’ll notice a moveable dumpster is blocking the door. Slide this out of the way and then equip a Molotov cocktail. There are five infected runners just hanging out in a group when you open the door, so throw the fiery explosive onto them before they can scatter. Then use a shotgun or melee weapon to clean up any that are left.

Inside you’ll find the safe on the right and some supplies in the back office. However, you won’t find a piece of paper anywhere in the garage that tells you where the code is! For once, the information on the code is not right by the safe so head back out into town and enter the pet store across the street. You’ll find a hole in the wall that connects to a bar containing a shambler and a runner. Place a proximity bomb in the hole and shoot the shambler to draw it out. On normal difficulty, this explosive should be enough to instantly kill the shambler, so all you have left is the runner. If you want to conserve explosives, you can just shoot it with your rifle from the pet grooming store before it gets close.

After both are dispatched, head to the bar’s kitchen and inspect the paper hanging on the wall by the door. This will tell you that the Auto Repair code is 30 – 82 – 65. 

Now run back to the Auto Repair store and input this code into the safe. Inside you will find a lot of ammo and the Long Gun Holster, which lets you quickly swap through two of your main weapons by pressing left on the D-Pad. This makes combat much smoother since you can bounce between your rifle and shotgun faster, so we strongly recommend picking this up during your journey. Just remember, when you unlock the bow, you’ll need to manually swap it out by holding Square when using Ellie’s backpack. The holster only lets you equip two primary weapons at a time, so choose carefully.

Make sure to always try and open safes during your playthrough of The Last of Us Part 2, they always contain useful items or supplies!


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