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The Best Places to Level Crafted Weapons in Destiny 2

Weapon crafting in Destiny 2 is pretty nice overall — you get to choose your weapon’s perks rather than being at the whims of RNG. Of course, the downside is that you have to use a crafted weapon enough to level it up to the point that you can access its various perks during shaping. Playing the game normally with a crafted weapon equipped will net you experience and level it up, but if you’re looking for places to specifically grind out crafted weapon levels in Destiny 2, then this list should help you out.

Oh, and don’t forget that most activities give a completion bonus to crafted and Deepsight weapons upon completion. You can take advantage of this by swapping to the weapons you want to level up right before you complete the activity.

1. Shuro Chi — The Best Places to Level Crafted Weapons in Destiny 2

A tried and true classic, the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish Raid features plenty of weak enemies to take out to level your crafted weapons in Destiny 2. Of course, it’s kind of a pain to get to — you need to go into Last Wish and input the correct wish into the Wall of Wishes — and you’ll have to wipe every few minutes, since you won’t be able to progress the encounter. That said, there’s a lot to recommend this location, too. First, you’ll be on your own, so you won’t be fighting for kills. Second, you have the option of placing a rally banner each time you spawn in, which is helpful for leveling special and heavy weapons.

2. Sorrow’s Harbor

Sorrow’s Harbor on the Moon is a lot easier to access than Shuro Chi — simply load in to the area. The downside of this location is that you might be fighting for kills with other Guardians. However, the Altars of Sorrow activity spawns so many red bar enemies that you’ll have plenty of targets, especially if you’re in a low-population instance.

Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice Loot Table

3. Grasp of Avarice — The Best Places to Level Crafted Weapons in Destiny 2

The beginning of the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon features Destiny‘s famous loot cave, and you can use it to help level your crafted weapons in Destiny 2. Grasp of Avarice isn’t matchmade, so you’ll spawn in solo, and you can die without having to wipe and reload the encounter. The two main issues with Grasp of Avarice are the low progress you get from killing each enemy and the engrams that appear when you defeat them — if you pick one up, you’ll eventually explode.

4. Team Scorched

This might seem counterintuitive given that you can’t actually use your weapons in the mode, but Team Scorched is one of the fastest Crucible playlists in the game. While it’s active, you can easily level your Destiny 2 crafted weapons by running the activity over and over — just make sure you have the weapons that you’re trying to level equipped. Oh, and Mayhem works pretty well too!

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