MHW A Shocking Climax Event Quest Guide – Space Lord! Super-8

Claim your very own (and pretty powerful) space hammer in A Shocking Climax!

One of four new event quests in MHW, “A Shocking Climax” lives up to its name. It pits players against a Zinogre and a Namielle in the same mission for the right to wield a brand-new weapon. You just need to collect its so-called “special material” rewards! Veteran Monster Hunter World players are going to want to check this one out, too, since your reward has quite a unique look (and name). Learn all about it in our latest guide to “A Shocking Climax” in MHW.

To begin, you just need to hit up the mission board in either Astera or Seliana. You can find “A Shocking Climax” under the events category of the quest listings. Since this is going to be a bit of a longer mission — pitting you against an Elder Dragon and an endgame monster in a single hunt — you might want to consider your approach. Going in with a group might speed things along, while playing solo will lower the odds of random players dying and losing your progress. The decision is up to you!

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Either way, you’re likely going to want a Thunderproof Mantle, and maybe a Waterproof Mantle for the Namielle battle in particular. Since both creatures use the former element, however, the mantle is nearly a must. Blast is also an effective damage type against both beasts (Namielle more-so than Zinogre). Consider taking a Blast weapon with you to save on time and loadout switching!

Once you’re all set, the hunt shouldn’t be anything that endgame MHW players aren’t used to by this point. “A Shocking Climax” takes place in the Coral Highlands, meaning you don’t need to worry about things like Hot or Cool Drinks. Just get in, beat the monsters, and get out.

You’ll receive at least one Unity Symbol for your trouble. This is the special material reward you need to bring to the Smithy in order to craft the unique weapon associated with “A Shocking Climax” in MHW. If you’re exceedingly unlucky, you’ll need to complete the quest three times, since the hammer you want to craft requires three Unity Symbols total. That’s why I recommend burning a Lucky Voucher before each hunt. You get three such vouchers per day during the Grand Appreciation Fest! That makes it incredibly easy to stock up on more if you fail out.

On the plus side, your reward comes fully upgraded in the form of the Space Lord! Super-8 hammer. The red, spiky number looks like it was pulled straight out of Kezan in World of Warcraft. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty powerful addition to any arsenal in this game. The Space Lord! Super-8 comes with a respectable 1248 raw damage and a whopping 640 Water damage — all without the need to upgrade. Sadly, it doesn’t have any Decoration slots or Affinity on its own. Although its +40 Defense bonus is none too shabby on a hammer, which lacks any form of block.

Once you have it in your collection, you’re all set! That’ll be it for the “A Shocking Climax” MHW quest. Enjoy your new toy (and trying to say its full name out loud to your friends.