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MHW A Fish to Whet Your Appetite Event Quest Guide - Whetfish Sabers

Bait, fish, wiggle with it, yeah! Here's an easy way to get Great Whetfish.

If you’re a fan of silly weapons in MHW, look no further than the Whetfish Sabers. These Dual Blades give you a pair of flopping flounders to batter your opponents with about the head. The gear is a spiritual successor to the Frozen Speartuna: another Monster Hunter World favorite delivered at the start of Iceborne. But whereas that was a slow, sundering Great Sword, these are as fast as the creatures you need to catch to craft them. Luckily it’s a pretty easy quest… if you know where to look! Let’s take a look ourselves at our guide to “A Fish to Whet Your Appetite” in MHW.

To begin the quest, just hit up the mission board as usual. You’ll find “A Fish to Whet Your Appetite” under the Master Rank events section for a limited time. Just like other event quests, this is often tied to seasonal festivals. To begin with, you can access this mission until May 7, 2020 — the end of the first Full Bloom Fest. Check the MHW event quest calendar for future updates!

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Ever done much fishing in MHW? You probably should. It’s a great way to get useful materials, like the Great Sushifish Scale and Gunpowderfish. It’s also what you need to do in order to get yourself the Whetfish Sabers. Your mission will take you to the Wildspire Waste. There you need to collect two Great Whetfish: a rare creature with a tremendously low spawn rate.

At least that’s usually the case. During “A Fish to Whet Your Appetite,” the creatures seem to pop up much more reliably. You can find two very reliably at the start of the quest in two different regions. Once you get there, it’s just a matter of equipping your Fishing Rod and playing the mini-game that comes with any large fish capture. Or you can just use the Capture Net if you’re feeling spicy. The latter option works, if your aim is good enough, but tends to scare off fish if you miss. It’s safer to just use the rod and reel the big guys in yourself like Monster Hunter intended! Not to mention you can get a lot of other useful fish in the process.

Great Whetfish Location – MHW A Fish to Whet Your Appetite

Note: The fishing mini-game in MHW requires you to wait for a fish to take a full bite of your lure before you press Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) to reel in. In the case of large fish, which includes the Great Whetfish, you need to mash the action button until you successfully capture the creature. Don’t even stop pressing the button once the onscreen prompt goes away! You’re not done until you see the Great Whetfish in your hands. And if the fish veers off to the left or right, make sure to move your left analog stick in the opposite direction (this usually has an onscreen prompt as well).

The first (and slightly less assured) Great Whetfish can be found in sector 1 of the waste — all the way up the rapids to the western edge of the map. There’s a plateau in the middle of the water you can stand upon for a good angle on all the little fishies. The Great Whetfish should be recognizable thanks to its enormous size and lightly colored back. But you can’t really choose which fish takes the bite right away. It’s best to just wait patiently for the correct creature to take the bait (literally, if you’re using a Baitbug to speed things up).

The second fish is found right next to Central Camp (6). There’s a pond right next to the tent that’s positively infested with seafood. Once again, get out your rod and get to work. You’ll catch the creature in no time. Though you might catch a lot of smaller fry in the process. If you have trouble finding a second Great Whetfish, empty out this location a bit, leave, and return. The target seems to spawn here over again over again.

And that’s it! You’ll receive the necessary materials to craft the Whetfish Sabers in no time. They’re not the most meta option in the game, but they are kind of interesting! The Dual Blades come with Protective Polish built in (similar to how Lunastra weapons come with bonus abilities). On another note, this is a great way to farm or catch your very first Great Whetfish, since the spawn rates are guaranteed. Happy fishing, hunters!

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