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MHW A Farewell to Zinogre Event Quest Guide - Decoration Farming

It's one helluva goodbye present, at least!

The new MHW “A Farewell to Zinogre” event quest marks another great chance to farm Decorations. It’s the spiritual successor to “The Greatest Jagras”: a very limited mission where players hunted the most popular creature in Monster Hunter at the time. And by popular, I of course mean the most hunted, as Zinogre is now the most slayed beast in the Iceborne expansion. Following in that quest’s footsteps, you will be able to soak up special materials off Zinogre throughout the fight, creating special “shiny” drops that are great for Decoration farming. The downside is that Zinogre is no slouch to begin with, and if it’s anything like the Jagras fight, there’s some scary math under the hood of this battle.

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Note: In MHW, A Farewell to Zinogre begins for the first time on Oct. 15, 2020 as part of the Fun Fright Fest. It will likely end a week later, just in time for “Brand New Brute” to replace it. After which you should consult the event quest calendar for further details.

During The Greatest Jagras, the monster would puke Feystones directly up on the ground, allowing hunters to gather items without fighting. Zinogre works very differently. It sheds Dragonvein Coal — specifically the new Giant Dragonvein Coal worth 1000 Steamworks points — which can be used to create various items. During the Fun Fright Fest in particular you can use coal to get Melding Tickets that decode into Decorations! If you log in during the Fest, you can acquire Steel, Silver, and Gold Melding Tickets for tons of Decoration Jewels.

You also get the very fun Zinogre Ticket. This is a cosmetic crafting item used in several Master Rank layered armor sets. These include: the Clockwork alpha+, Clockwork beta+, Leon+, Wyverian Ears and Pearlspring sets!

mhw fun fright fest

The mission should provide at least one Giant Dragonvein Coal at the end, in addition to all the coal you pick up along the way. That means you might want to actually finish hunting Zinogre anyway. Once again: It’s a bit like the Great Jagras event. This will be no normal Zinogre. It seems to be a guaranteed gold crown Zinogre and therefore slightly tougher than your average beast. Even though it’s not tempered, it’s definitely not a complete cakewalk.

One way to prepare is simply by increasing your elemental resistance. Specifically, you want to raise your Thunder resistance to 20 points or more. Besides reducing Thunder damage, this will make you naturally immune to Thunderblight. This is an incredibly damning status ailment even during normal Zinogre hunts. It makes you more susceptible to getting stunned. And that spells certain death if Zinogre targets you with the right attack.

This mission also takes place in the normal Arena. That means you can’t easily use the Assassin’s Hood to make the monster lose sight of you and just throw its coal around. Nor can you resupply at all. You need to take what you can (preferably including Potions, Honey, Mega Nutrients, and Mandragoras to craft more healing items). The Health Booster rarely hurts in the Arena either. It lets you heal pretty much indefinitely.

For your trouble, you’ll receive scores of Dragonvein Coal, including some very rare drops. You may end up running this mission many times, of course, as you try to farm Decorations. Remember that even bad luck can be useful, too! Unneeded jewels can go to the Elder Melder. Now that The Final Stand update introduced a higher tier of First Wyverian Ritual, it’s the perfect time to dump your dupes and roll for better options.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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