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Legendary Weapons & Armor You'll Want Before Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Destiny 2’s fall expansion Beyond Light is set to release on September 22nd. For the first time since the game’s release, Bungie will be completely vaulting old content and items from the game. This is not only to help them cut back on the game’s increasingly large file size but to keep the experience fresh and less overwhelming for newcomers. Because of this, many are wondering what items they should focus on getting before Beyond Light launches.

Keep in mind, this is not a guide about what is or isn’t getting a power increase this fall. I am solely focusing on what armor sets, and weapons you will want to obtain or farm for before the new expansion. This will not be a master list of every single item that isn’t getting a Power cap increase or will become unavailable. Additionally, if we have a god roll guide on the weapon we will be linking to it so you know what to hunt for. Finally, we will only be including gear you can obtain right now. So while the Felwinter’s Lie is absolutely worth saving, this guide is under the assumption you are just coming back to Destiny 2.

Here’s what weapons and armor sets you should grind for going into Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 Falling Guillotine God Roll

Legendary Weapons

Auto Rifles

Hand Cannons

  • Dire Promise
  • Ikelos_HC_v1.0.2
  • Ancient Gospel
  • True Prophecy

Scout Rifle

  • Night Watch
  • Scholar

Pulse Rifles

Submachine Guns


  • Breachlight
  • The Fool’s Remedy


  • Accrued Redemption


Grenade Launchers

Fusion Rifles

  • Exile’s Curse
  • Hollow Words

Sniper Rifles

  • Eye of Sol
  • Ikelos_SR_v1.0.2
  • The Supremacy


Rocket Launchers

  • Tomorrow’s Answer
  • Shining Sphere

Linear Fusion Rifles

  • Komodo-4FR

You may be noticing that we didn’t include any machine guns on this list and that’s because, outside of the Seventh Seraph SAW which is not obtainable this season, there are none rotating into Beyond Light. As for the rest, we focused on the best weapons in each category for both PVE and PVP. Some categories such as auto rifles have a nice selection of great guns to hunt for, while others like bows really only have one viable option.

Some of the key PVE weapons I suggest picking up are Gnawing Hunger, Falling Guillotine, Ikelos_SR_v1.0.2, Ikelos_SMG_v1.0.2, Python, Truthteller, and Cold Denials. All of these are terrific options for those looking to start off strong in Beyond Light, but the must-have weapon is undeniably Falling Guillotine. Even with the 24% nerf to its damage, this sword still does quite a lot of damage for a legendary Power weapon.

As for PVP, The Summoner, First In, Last Out, Dire Promise, The Forward Path, and the Eye of Sol. Truthfully, almost all the Trials of Osiris weapons are terrific and definitely worth hunting down if you are confident enough in your PVP skills. For those who aren’t as savvy in the Crucible, The Forward Path and Dire Promise are both solid options that can roll with some terrific perks. Additionally, with 110 RPM hand cannons moving to the 120 category, True Prophecy is definitely worth picking up.

Destiny 2 Cold Denial God Roll

Legendary Armor Sets

  • Last Wish “Great Hunt” Set
  • Garden of Salvation “Kentarch 3 Suit” Set
  • Season of Arrivals Armor Set
    • Prophecy Dungeon Set(s)
    • Holdfast Set

When it comes to armor, you only really need three complete sets. These are the Last Wish raid’s Great Hunt, Garden of Salvation’s Kentarch 3 Suit, and one of the three Season of Arrivals armor sets. The Great Hunt is because it’s the only set that can use the Taken mods. Unfortunately, Bungie revealed those mods will only be useful in the Last Wish raid. That doesn’t make this armor set invalid, just one you don’t need to prioritize over a high stat set. Garden of Salvation’s armor can hold Season of the Undying and raid-specific mods that are used to typically kill the final boss.

Finally, you’ll want one of the three Season of Arrivals armor sets available right now. Two of these (CODA and Daito) come from the Prophecy dungeon, while the Holdfast armor is tied to the Season/Season Pass. This is mainly so we can use the mods from the previous season and have more options when building our Guardian going into Year 4.

While you don’t need everything on this list, we suggest using this as a checklist to make sure you have

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