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Every Legendary Weapon Getting Sunset in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is scheduled to release on November 10th, there’s a lot of hype and anticipation building around this major expansion. Similar to both Forsaken and Shadowkeep, Beyond Light is going to shake-up the gameplay formula in a few radical ways. Perhaps the biggest (and most controversial) decision to have a large assortment of weapons not progress with the new expansion. While they will still exist in the world, specific guns cannot be infused higher than the current light cap of 1060. This means the weapon pool in Destiny 2 is getting significantly smaller and old favorites like The Recluse will be retired from the PVE scene.

To help you decide what to keep, we have compiled a list of every single legendary weapon that isn’t surviving the rotation. This is dozens upon dozens of weapons, many of which are extremely popular choices for both PVE and PVP game modes. If you’re unsure of what to keep, we also have a smaller list of every weapon that can be infused above 1060 and viable in Beyond Light. We won’t be including Exotics since those will all be available in the new expansion and aren’t impacted by sunsetting.

Here’s a complete list of every gun getting sunset in Destiny 2: Beyond Light:

Sunset Legendary Primary Weapons

Auto Rifles

Destiny 2 SunsetAuto Rifles
Ghost PrimusGuiding StarDuty Bound
The DoubtLoquitor IVForegone Conclusion
BrayTech Winter WolfHalfdan-D Ether Doctor
TigerspiteHazard of the CastBreakneck
Gahlran's Right HandMartyr's MakeGalliard-42
Jiangshi AR4PerseveranceSolemn Hymn
Uriel's Gift (Static Roll)ValakadynProsecutor
The NumberRestoration VIIIPositive Outlook
Medley-45Null Calamity 9Kibou AR3
MisfitThe Ringing NailGalliard-42 NN7568
Arc LogicOrigin StoryHalfdan-D

Scout Rifles

Destiny 2 SunsetScout Rifles
Nameless MidnightDoes Not ComputeFrontier Justice
Call to ServeThe Guiding SightHaunted Earth
Good Counsel IXSong of Justice VIGarden Progeny 1
The DreamTelemachus-CNiflheim Frost
Wrong Side of RightRandy's Throwing KnifeImperative
Tango-45Manannan SR4Black Scorpion-4sr
Tone PatrolSeven-S-x-FiveConspirator
The EndPleiades CorrectorEternal Blazon
Metronome-52Frostmire's HexAdverse Possession IX
Vacuna SR4Braytech RWP Mk. IIThe Cut and Run
VouchsafeDistant RelationTango-45 XK5094
No FeelingsOxygen SR3Calusea Noblesse

Pulse Rifles

Destiny 2Sunset Pulse Rifles
NightshadeDisrespectful StareEystein-D
Lincoln GreenRelentlessThe Time-Worn Spire
Three GravesAutumn WindMachina Dei 4
Legal Action IIThe MarineBattle Scar
Magnum ShepherdGo FigureBlast Furnace
Eystein-DRedrix's BroadswordBygones
Last PerditionNergal PR4Cadenza-43
Swift RideAgenda 5Inaugural Address
Heart of TimeImpromptu-49Infinite Paths 8
Jorum's ClawRequiem-45Agrona PR4
Jian 7 Rifle (Static Roll)Right Side of WrongClaws of the Wolf
Horror's LeastSwift Ride XE8375Outlast

Submachine Guns

Destiny 2SunsetSubmachine Guns
The ShowrunnerAntiope-DNew City
Atalanata-D The Conqueror 2Beindenhander
Hard TruthsTrackless WastePillager
Atalanta-D XG1992Exit StrategyPhosphorus MG4
Red MambaFoggy NotionOut of Options
Death Adder (Static Roll)MIDA Multi-ToolMob Justice
Stochastic VariableRoyal Dispensation IISol Pariah 6
The QuickstepIKELOS_SMG_v1.0.1Bad Reputation
Breath of the DragonThe Hero's BurdenBug-Out Bag
The RecluseCALUS Mini-ToolEvery Waking Moment

Hand Cannons

Destiny 2SunsetHand Cannons
Better DevilsPribina-DThe Old Fashion (Static Roll)
Bad NewsMidnight CoupThe Steady Hand
Dire Promise (Static Roll)True Propechy Living Memory
Home for the LostWest of Sundall 7D.F.A.
Service RevolverTen PacesDuke Mk. 44
Warden's LawBad News XF4354Spare Rations
AustringerRoseLoud Lullaby
Deadalus CodeMinuet-42Imset HC4
Annual SkateShattered PeaceOlder Sister III
Nature of the BeastJack Queen King 3 (Static Roll)IKELOS_HC_v1.0.1
Thin LineWaking VigilKindled Orchid
TrustLuna's HowlNot Forgotten


Destiny 2SunsetSidearms
Athelflad-DMinimum DistanceEnigma's Draw (Static Roll)
Peace By ConsensusVertical Orbit QSmAllied Demand
Last of the Legion Smuggler's WordLonesome
The Last DanceEana SI4Urchin-3si
Dead Man WalkingLast Hope (Static Roll)The Rattler
DrangInterregnum XVISwift Solstice
Eulogy SI4Traverler's Judgement 5 (Static Roll)18 Kelvins
The Vision Anonymous AutumnDeath by Scorn
Vestian DynastyTranslation TheoryDead Man Walking XX7463
Drang (Baroque)


Destiny 2SunsetBows
No Turning BackThe Spiteful FangSubtle Calamity
The VowHush

Sunset Legendary Special Weapons


Destiny 2SunsetShotguns
Hawethorne's Field-Forged Shotgun (Static Roll)BaligantDeadpan Delivery
RetrofuturistSomerled-DGood Bone Structure
First In, Last Out (Static Roll)Unification VIIPerfect Paradox (Static Roll)
Zenith of Your KindBaligant XU7743Imperial Decree
Threat LevelEmperor's CourtesyOne Small Step
BlasphemerThe DecideQuitclaim Shotgun III
IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1BasiliskToil and Trouble
Toil and TroubleDust Rock BluesParcel of Stardust
BadlanderRetold TaleMinbender's Ambition
WishbringerLast Man StandingGunnora's Axe

Grenade Launchers

Destiny 2SunsetGrenade Launchers
Flash and ThunderOrewing's Maul (Static Roll)The Militia's Birthright
The Mountaintop

Fusion Rifles

Destiny 2SunsetShotguns
Main Ingredient (Static Roll)Critical SassErentil FR4
Cartesian CoodrinateNox Echo IIIShock and Awe
The Wizened RebukeTimelines' VertexConjecture TSc
Nox Veneris IIElatha FR4Tempered Dynamo
Proelium FR3The Emperor's EnvyLoaded Question
The Wizened RebukeThe EpicureanDream Breaker

Sniper Rifles

Destiny 2 SunsetSniper Rifles
Shepard's WatchAlone as a godPersuader
Gentleman VagabondElegy-49Show of Force
A Single ClapWidow's Bite (Static Roll)Tatara Gaze
Show of Force XF4865TranquilityThe Mornin' Comes
Eye of ForesightMaxim XISilicon Neuroma
Belfry BountyMaestro-46The Domino
The Frigid JackalIKELOS_SR_v1.0.1Dreaded Venture
ApostateBite of the FoxFate Cries Foul
Twilight OathSole SurvivorThe Long Goodbye
Beloved Revoker

Sunset Legendary Heavy Weapons


Destiny 2SunsetSwords
Steel Sybil Z-14 (Static Roll)QuickfangEternity's Edge
Crown-SplitterComplex SolutionNegative Space (Static Roll)
Unspoken PromiseIt Stared BackHonor's Edge (Static Roll)
Traitor's FateDouble-Edged AnswerFuture Safe 10
HagakureAbide the ReturnStryker's Sure-Hand
Just in CaseNight TerrorDeath's Razor

Grenade Launchers

Destiny 2Sunset Grenade Launchers
Wicked SisterPlay of the GameAcantha-D
Orthus Berenger's Memory (Static Roll)Memory Interdict
Sunrise GL4Courageous SurrenderI Am Alive
Outrageous FortuneThrough Fire and FloodTerran Wind
Edge TransitAacantha-D XK8434Doomsday
Wendigo GL3Love and DeathInterferance VI (Static Roll)

Rocket Launchers

Destiny 2SunsetRocket Launchers
Curtain CallPentatonic-48Morrigan-D
Hoosegow (Static Roll)Mos Epoch III (Static Roll)Blue Shift
Sins of the PastTiebreakerZenobia-D
Classical-42Countess SA/2 Scipio-D
BrayTech OspreyBroadsword LauncherZenobia-D
SleeplessRoar of the BearBellowing Giant
Hoosegow XE5837Heretic

Linear Fusion Rifles

Destiny 2SunsetLinear Fusion Rifles
TarantulaMan o' WarCrooked Fang-4fr

Machine Guns

Destiny 2SunsetMachine Guns
HammerheadAvalanche21% Delirium
Fixed OddsBane of SorrowEdgewise
A Fine MemorialTemporal Clause

Remember, while these weapons won’t be able to have their Power level increased, you can still use them in PVP activities such as Control. So if you have a god roll of Spare Rations and don’t want to give it up, this gun is still useable in some modes. Keep in mind, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner take into account what your Power Level is, so sunset weapons will not be viable.

If you are looking to pick up some weapons going into Beyond Light I recommend Gnawing Hunger, Falling Guillotine, Dire Promise, IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2, Python, and Seventh Seraph VY-7. All of these are terrific guns that are perfect for either PVP or PVE. Each offers a diverse perk pool that allows them to slot into most popular builds. Remember, the IKELOS guns can also spawn Warmind Cells, so don’t feel as if you’re limited to the Seventh Seraph guns from last season.

Personally, I recommend keeping any god rolls even if they are being sunset this season. You never know if Bungie will reintroduce a weapon or if they will become dominant in the Crucible. That being said, you’ll need vault space so don’t feel too bad if you need to clear out room for all the new items coming in Beyond Light. After all, no one wants to have a full vault going into the next expansion!

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