How to Make Public Events Heroic in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Put those orbs in the washing machine, Guardian.

One of the biggest parts of the Destiny 2 grind is the Public Event, a timed sequence that pulls players on a planet together to accomplish a common goal, like stopping a drill or blowing up a spaceship. While completing a normal Public Event will net you a reward, triggering a Heroic Public Event will increase the difficulty and the quality of the loot you can get. They’re key to getting solid drops while out on Patrols. Multiple quests, including Pain and Gain, require the completion of one or more Heroic Public Events to progress. While Heroic versions are never that much more difficult than the normal events (you may have to blow up a drill and a spaceship, for example), they are sometimes tricky to get started.

Here’s how to activate the Heroic versions of every Public Event, including the ones on the Moon added in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

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Fallen Walker/Arsenal Walker – Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Public Events

Where: Moon, EDZ, Titan

What: A Walker tank will be dropped off by a ship, alongside a few waves of Fallen soldiers. Destroying all of the Fallen enemies and the Walker will complete the event.

How To Activate the Heroic Public Event: When a leg of the Walker is destroyed, it will fall over and release three orbs. Grab those orbs and insert them into the nearby generators (they look like washing machines). Once six total orbs are deposited, a second Walker will be dropped off. Destroy both Walkers to complete the Heroic version of this event. A note: the second Walker must be summoned before the first one is destroyed, otherwise the event will end early.

Warsat Down – Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Public Events

Where: Moon, Mars

What: A Warsat will come under attack from the Hive, and Guardians must defend it by standing in the circle near the Warsat. Once the progress bar hits 100%, the event is completed.

How To Activate the Heroic Public Event: After activating the Warsat, defeat both sets of Hive Wizards that spawn. Each pair of Wizards will come with a Shrieker – destroy those as well. Once all of the enemies with yellow health bars are eliminated, an Ogre will appear. Defeat it to complete the Heroic version of the public event.

On Mars, this event is slightly different. When the Shriekers spawn in, they appear over Valkyrie plates. Once the Wizards are destroyed, players can use the Valkyrie spears to destroy the Shriekers. After destroying the Shriekers, an Ogre will spawn. Destroy the Ogre to complete the Heroic version of this public event.

Witch’s Ritual – Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Public Events

Where: Moon, Titan, Mars

What: Guardians are tasked with stopping a pair of Hive Witches from creating a rift that will allow more Hive to access the system. On the left and right of the makeshift amphitheater (or weird garage, on Titan and Mars) are two Hex Circles. By standing in these circles, the shields of the Witches are canceled out. Defeat the Witches to complete the public event.

How To Activate the Heroic Public Event: Standing in the Hex Circles also lowers the shields of two crystals located on high perches (close to where the Witches spawn). Destroying these crystals before killing the Witches triggers the Heroic version of this public event. Destroy the Hive boss that comes through to complete the event.

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