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How to Get the Wind-up Arkasodara Minion: FFXIV Tribal Quest Guide

The baby Arkasodara must be protected at all costs. Here's how to get one of the cutest minions yet in FFXIV. UwU

Folks who’ve jumped into the new Patch 6.15 update for Final Fantasy XIV have been treated to a handful of new activities and quests. The Arkasodara Tribal Quests is one of those new features you should hop on since it offers some solid EXP for any level 80 – 89 combat Job in, but also because there are some sweet rewards. So far, the star of the show has been the adorable Wind-up Arkasodara minion.

If you’re seeing other players walking around with their mini elephant friend and want one for yourself, we’ll show exactly how to do that. First thing’s first, you need to unlock the Arkasodara Tribal Quests. You must finish two separate level 80 sidequest series in Thavnair — one that starts with quest titled “Steppe Child” and another one that starts from “What’s in a Parent” The latter can only be done after the level 85 main scenario quest titled “Under His Wing.”

Once you’ve done all that, you will be able access the quest named “A Budding Adventure” that leads to the Arkasodara unlock quest titled “Hippos Born to Run.” Yes, it’s a lot of questing, but it tees up the backstory well. For more detail on how to do all this and where to go, use our Arkasodara Tribe unlock guide.

Now it’s time to grind. In the new Arkasodara Tribe area in Thavnair, you can take on daily quests from the NPC named Maru (X: 20.1, Y: 27.9). You’ll get a randomized set of quests, each of which are short and easy tasks. Each quest you complete gives you 60 points toward your reputation with the Tribe and one (1) Arkasodara Pana, which is the Tribe’s currency.

Your goal is to get 510 points in total in order to raise your rank with the Arkasodara from “Friendly” to “Trusted.” Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you will have access to the quest “A Pachyderm’s Promptitude” from Maru, which you must complete to earn the “Trusted” rank. You can check your Tribe ranks by pulling up your character menu and going to the “Reputation” tab.

ffxiv arkasodara minion reputation rank 6.15 tribe quests guide
Don’t hate, I’m still working on getting my Astrologian gear.

This will take a few days, however. At this first rank with the Tribe, you can only accept three quests per day. Once you rank up to “Trusted,” the vendor in the Tribe area named Ghanta (X: 20.4, Y: 28.4) will carry the Wind-up Arkasodara minion, which costs 8 Arkasodara Pana. We suggest not buying anything from Ghanta until you rank up so you can get the minion right away.

ffxiv arkasodara minion guide 6.15 tribal quest rewards
While you can get Materia from this Tribe, it’s best you hold onto your Pana for the Arkasodara minion and other unique rewards.

We also suspect that the coveted Hippo Cart mount will be available for purchase once you reach higher ranks with the Arkasodara Tribe. Be sure to hang onto your Arkasodara Pana for that mount once its available from the vendor.

If you’re not familiar with how Tribes work in FFXIV, they’re essentially factions you do short daily quests for. You’re rewarded with EXP, points to rank-up your standing with that Tribe, and a currency specific to that Tribe. There are a ton of different Tribes in FFXIV such as the Namazu, Moogles, Pixies, Dwarves, and much more. We suggest seeking them out to see their unique stories and earn their special rewards.

For more on what’s good with FFXIV Patch 6.15, check out our guide on unlocking the new Omega quests and Ameliance Custom Deliveries. If you reach max rank in Custom Deliveries, you’ll be able to play dress-up with Ameliance (ayo) and earn the new Appointed Attire. And don’t forget about the inspector extraordinaire — there are new Hildibrand quests available, which is some of the funniest shit in all of FFXIV.

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