How to Get the New Sun-Inspired G-Type Emblem in Destiny 2

Yet another free emblem is available for all Destiny 2 players

Got enough emblems yet? The Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2 has seen the addition of the Stag’s Spirit and Interconnected emblems available to all players through Bungie Rewards and code redemptions, and here’s one more. It’s called G-Type, which is a reference to a kind of star which, according to Wikipedia, “has about 0.9 to 1.1 solar masses and an effective temperature between about 5,300 and 6,000 K.” Our Sun is one example of a G-type star.

Here’s how to get the G-Type emblem in Destiny 2 — all you need to do is get 7,777 Solar Final Blows, then head over to the Bungie Rewards page and claim it. That may seem like a lot of Solar kills, but you have until the end of the season to do it. The Season of the Haunted ends on August 16, 2022, so as of this writing you have a little over two months. Should be easy, assuming you’re running Solar weapons or a Solar subclass. Just remember that you have to redeem the emblem at Bungie Rewards — it won’t just show up in your inventory once you have the 7,777 Solar Final Blows.

How does the emblem stand up to the others released so far this season? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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