How to Get Lord of Wolves in Destiny 2

The Lord of Wolves is tearing things up in Destiny 2 right now, and plenty of players are looking to get their hands on one of their very own. Bungie is looking into nerfing the powerful shotgun, as recent changes to the weapon have led to it dominating the Crucible. But in the meantime, if you want to get one, then here’s our guide on how to find the Lord of Wolves in Destiny 2.

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How to Find Lord of Wolves in Destiny 2

Unfortunately, there’s no Exotic quest that grants the Lord of Wolves in Destiny 2. It also isn’t available as a random drop in the world. The only way to obtain this powerful shotgun is through completing bounties for Spider, the Fallen crime lord players encounter during the Forsaken campaign. You might remember completing some of these bounties during Forsaken. They involve finding a “wanted” enemy in a particular Lost Sector and eliminating it.

The good news is that these aren’t particularly challenging bounties to complete. The bad news is threefold. First, you need to farm ghost parts on the Tangled Shore to trade to Spider for the bounties. Second, the bounties will take you all around the world of Destiny 2, so they’re somewhat time consuming. Third, the Lord of Wolves is a random drop from bounty completion. There’s no way around it here — make your peace with the RNG gods and get hunting.

Make sure to go after bounties that grant legendary rewards, and remember that Spider’s bounties reset daily, so you at least have plenty of chances to find the Lord of Wolves.

What Makes Lord of Wolves So Good?

Update: Since this article’s publication, Lord of Wolves was — as expected — nerfed. It’s still a powerful choice in the Crucible, but no longer the absolutely dominating force it once was.

Lord of Wolves is a powerful exotic shotgun, a weapon class that’s long been a favorite in the Crucible in Destiny 2. But its unique perk is what makes it so deadly. Release the Wolves changes the gun’s burst fire from five shots to ten and increases each shot’s damage. Previously, this perk activated on a kill. But after a recent change, the gun’s perk can now be activated at will. Ironically, this change was made to address the perceived downsides of the weapon’s perk, as Bungie indicated:

Lord of Wolves received a massive increase in damage with the full benefits of the Shotgun changes in Season of the Drifter. This made it a lot more popular, but we got a significant amount of feedback that Release the Wolves activating on every kill made it difficult to control the weapon’s ammo consumption. As a result, we’re allowing you to swap between the two states to control the output, while also reducing its output slightly.

Bungie tends to nerf any weapon that becomes too dominant in the meta, though it can take some time. Until then, Lord of Wolves is a powerful, long-ranged shotgun that is especially deadly in the hands of PC players who have an easier time controlling weapon recoil.

Lord of Wolves Tips, Perks

For maximum utility with the Lord of Wolves, you’ll want to run two Shotgun Scavenger perks. Doing so will grant you 30 rounds per special ammo pickup, giving you plenty to work with. And don’t forget to activate the weapon’s perk before engaging with the enemy!