How to Earn Dawning Spirit in Destiny 2’s Dawning 2020 Event

One of the unique features of this year’s Dawning event in Destiny 2 is the addition of Dawning Spirit. You see, with all of the loss lately, The Dawning isn’t feeling like it normally does in 2020. As such, we need Guardians to get out there and raise spirits. But what are the various sources of this Dawning Spirit? We’ll need to reach 1,000,000,000 Dawning Spirit as a community to complete the seasonal Gift Abundance quest and unlock rewards for everyone in the Tower.

Dawning Spirit Sources in Destiny 2

The primary way of earning Dawning Spirit is through Eva Lavante’s daily and weekly bounties. Each completed weekly bounty will give you ten Dawning Spirit and each daily bounty will give you just two. There are ways to supplement your spirit income as well including a variety of event themed triumphs. You’ll get five Dawning Spirit for completing your first deliveries to each group of vendors. For example, Banshee-44, Shaxx, and Zavala or Devrim Kay, Failsafe, and Xur! There’s also a multistep triumph for delivering a total of 120 cookies to any vendor with rewards along the way.

There are also a smaller number of rewards from completing each of the quests related to this year’s event and raising a significant number of Dawning Spirit. You can see the full list of triumphs in the Season of the Hunt category under the Events tab.

If you’re looking to bolster your Dawning Spirit income, focus on this year’s exotic ship quest! Towards the end of the And to All a Good Flight quest, you’ll unlock the Spirit of the Season perk for your ship which gives you a chance of generating Dawning Spirit whenever you find a Dawning ingredient. It’ll be a small number, but passive income is probably the quickest way to rack up some serious currency.

What Are the Dawning Spirit Community Rewards?

We don’t know yet! As we mentioned in our guide of the quest, there are five different Dawning Present packages which Bungie is ready to give out. Each increases in rarity from Basic to Common and all the way up to Exotic. Surely each contains better and better rewards for everyone, but they’re encrypted in the API so we won’t find out until they’re unlocked. Keep earning that Dawning Spirit so we can find out!

When Does The Dawning End?

The Dawning is live now and runs until January 5, 2021. That gives you a total of three weeks or 21 days to do everything you need to do!

What’s New In The Dawning 2020?

This time around, Dawning rewards are based on both personal and communal goals. There’s an all new legendary fusion rifle called Glacioclasm and the return of Cold Front and Avalanche with new perks in their pools. Then there are cosmetics, of course. A new exotic ship is the focus as you unlock and upgrade the ship’s aesthetics with three different engine effects, a unique transmat effect, and an all-new animated shader to add to your collection!

Eververse has a new Xenophage ornament, Glee Barrage, and a new Monte Carlo ornament, Merry Maker. Make sure to check those out when the event goes live! There’s three new ghost shells: Emberwick Shell, a melting candle; Little Helper Shell, an elf hat; and Tangled Shell, covered in holiday lights. If ships and sparrows are more your thing, those are available too! Silverwing Kestrel is a slim new ship with Polar Prancer and Gift Giver as sled themed sparrows. And for all you massive titans, Bungie is adding another tiny sparrow to contrast with your bulky armor: The Mirthmobile.

Keep in mind that everything will be available for bright dust at some point except the two exotic ornaments and the Happy Trails finisher. Happy Dawning, Guardians!


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