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Everything You Should Do Before Destiny 2 Beyond Light Arrives

Guardians all around the world are about to run out of new content in Destiny 2. With the next major expansion, Beyond Light, pushed until November 10th, Bungies looter shooter is going to hit a rough dry season. Because of this, many players won’t know what to do with their time as they aimlessly kill enemies of The Darkness. Thankfully, there are still some tasks that both new and veteran players can focus on as we grow closer to the next wave of DLC. While our choices may not be for everyone, they are goals you can work towards if you really want to keep playing Destiny 2.

Here is everything you should do before Beyond Light releases:

Farm Weapon God Rolls

We’ve already gone a bit more in-depth about which legendary weapons you should farm, but it’s a point worth repeating. There are quite a few solid weapons that you’ll want to pick up, as they are currently some of the best in their archetype. Thanks to Umbral Engrams, a few of these killing devices are way easier to obtain. If you only have time to hunt for god rolls of a few guns I recommend Gnawing Hunger, Dire Promise, Death Adder, Truthteller, Ikelos_SR_v1.0.2, and First In, Last Out. All of these are superb weapons that boast a deep perk pool along with solid base stats. Additionally, you should prioritize obtaining a god roll of the Falling Guillotine sword, as it’s the best boss DPS weapon in the game.

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Get a Solid Armor Set

Another task you should focus on is getting an armor set that has base stats of 60-65 or above. This will give you a nice boost to your core stats, allowing for more build flexibility going into Beyond Light. Being able to use a wide range of mods to boost your Guardian will give you a noticeable advantage – especially if you hone in on a specific theme such as Warmind Cells. Great for both PVP and PVE, high tier armor can make a noticeable difference in your survivability. If you’re a vet, there’s a good chance you already have some great armor for the next expansion. However, for those who are new or returning, you can earn an armor set with high base stats by just reaching Level 57 in the Season Pass.

Earn the Leaving Exotic Catalysts

With content shuffling away, veteran players should prioritize earning all the Exotic Catalysts leaving on November 10th. Even though Bungie has confirmed that these catalysts would be returning at a later date, there’s no telling how long that will be. Because of this, you’ll want to grab as many catalysts as possible since these often drastically enhance the weapon, making it far more useful. Additionally, Bungie often makes big sandbox changes to various weapons archetypes, so there’s no telling if certain exotics will rise in popularity.

A few of the catalysts worth hunting down are Bad Juju, Izanagi’s Burden, Sleeper Simulant, Outbreak Perfected, Whisper of the Worm, and The Huckleberry. These are all superb exotic catalysts, almost all of which are obtainable by playing solo with the exception of Sleeper Simulant’s as it’s tied to the Prestige Spire of Stars raid. These should be your main focus if you’re more experienced and still want to play Destiny 2 during this content drought.

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Go For a Title

This is something I’ve been personally working towards since there’s not much to do until November. One way a lot of players like to distinguish themselves from others is by flaunting a title under their Guardian’s name. Similar to various exotic weapons and catalysts, some titles will become unavailable. These include Blacksmith, Shadow, Wayfarer, and Chronicler along with the previous season titles. Both Wayfarer and Chronicler are pretty simple to obtain for any level of player, but they are fairly time-consuming. For those looking for something a bit rarer, then Blacksmith is the one you’ll want to aim for. Keep in mind, Blacksmith requires a lot of grinding, so be prepared to live in The Forge activity for the next month.

Farm Upgrade Materials

We’re adding this in because Bungie has decided to double the rewards for all Nightfall: The Ordeal completions. Enhancement Cores, Enhancement Prisms, and Ascendant Shards are all critical for upgrading materials or masterworking them. Because of that, I strongly suggest you start saving everything once you hit 1060 this season. You’ll want to have as many of these crafting materials as possible going into Beyond Light. Doing this during double reward weeks will help you stockpile items with minimal effort. Additionally, you should go into Beyond Light with a minimum of 20-25 Upgrade Modules, so start paying Spider a visit if you need Planetary Materials to spend!

Regardless if you are hunting for god rolls, exotic catalysts, or a flashy new title there are still goals to strive for in Destiny 2. Which one you go for just depends on what you as a player believe is important going into the next expansion.

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