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Disparity Destiny 2 Guide – God Roll and How to Get It

Added in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph, Disparity is an aggressive Stasis pulse rifle. Is it worth using? What are some of the best rolls to aim for with it? Let’s take a look.

How to Get Disparity in Destiny 2

You can get Disparity from completing Season of the Seraph seasonal activities, or by focusing it at the H.E.L.M. Once you’ve obtained enough Deepsight versions of the weapon, you can also craft it.

Disparity God Rolls

Disparity PVE God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Tactical Mag
  • Outlaw or Rapid Hit
  • Headstone or Desperado
  • Masterwork: Stability

An aggressive-frame Stasis pulse rifle that can roll the Outlaw/Desperado combo? Yes, please! Disparity is a blast to play around with in Destiny 2 PVE, thanks to its hard-hitting shots and wealth of interesting perks. The aforementioned Outlaw/Desperado is a fantastic choice, of course, but it isn’t your only option. Headstone is always nice, and combos great with either Outlaw or Rapid Hit. And having the choice between Outlaw, which shines in lower-level content, and Rapid Hit, which is great in settings where enemies die hard, is fantastic. As a Hakke weapon, Disparity can even use Hakke Breach Armaments, which makes shattering Stasis crystals even easier. Especially for Stasis users who can benefit from Font of Might, Disparity is likely to be a favorite weapon in PVE this season.

Disparity PVP God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Steady Rounds
  • Outlaw or Moving Target
  • Desperado or Kill Clip
  • Masterwork: Range

Disparity isn’t a one-trick pony — it can shred in PVP as well, given the right perk selection. Thankfully, it has a pretty small perk pool, and many of them are useful in the Crucible. In the third column, Outlaw is amazing, giving you a huge buff to reload speed off of only one kill, and again, it works great with Desperado in the fourth column. That said, you also have your pick of a few solid dueling perks to improve Disparity’s performance. Moving Target can be useful in the third column, and if you prefer a straight-up damage buff, then Kill Clip’s always there in the fourth. In PVP, you’re probably going to want to use Ambush as your Origin Trait, which improves range, handling, and damage at the beginning of combat.

That’s about it for Disparity. Be sure to check out our other god roll guides for Destiny 2.

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