Destiny 2 Week 3 Contact Boss Guide – How to Beat the Taken Howler

Destiny 2’s weekly reset is here, so it’s time to play some Gambit Contact Public Events. Similar to previous weeks, players will focus on depositing motes that are dropped from enemies into the bank. Once all four bars are filled up a boss will spawn to challenge you. Killing this final foe will complete the Heroic version of this activity, so it’s definitely worth always trying to slay the weekly boss. So far, Bungie has been rotating who the boss is every week, each of which have their own unique mechanics that will force teams to adapt on the fly. The Week 3 boss is the Taken Howler, who actually boasts an ability from an enemy way back in the original Destiny.

Here’s how to defeat the Week 3 Contact boss, the Taken Hower:

How to Kill the Taken Howler

After you’ve deposited all of your motes and orbs into the bank, the Taken Howler along with a horde of enemies will spawn. You’ll notice right away that this foe has a shield that makes him immune to all incoming damage, along with a smaller Taken Knight boasting the same shield. The catch is, the shield on the smaller Knight will drop when it gets close to the Taken Howler. Because of this, you and your team will need to goad the Knight to get within 2-3 meters of the main boss so you can kill it.

Keep in mind, the Taken Howler does an AoE (Area of Effect) stomp attack to knock everyone away. This makes it difficult to use swords or close-range weapons so consider bringing out Xenophage. Once the two are next to one another, slay the smaller Taken Knight to cause the shields on the Taken Howler to temporarily drop. You can now attack the Contact boss with everything you have, so focus on only damaging it until the shields return. After that, a new Taken Knight will spawn and you’ll need to repeat the process all over again.

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When you are participating in this Public Event, be conscious of if the Knight is near you. It will chase whatever player near it, making it easy to lead it towards the Taken Howler. However, it’s also possible to just take this enemy on a wild goose chase, wasting precious time and resources. If you’re not comfortable being the bate, then stick to the outer edges of the event and pick off enemies until the shields are dropped.

Remember, the orb duplication glitch is still live which will make filling all four bars relatively easy. To perform this bug, when holding the orb approach the bank and deposit it. Right as you’re filling up the Deposit button, switch weapons to spawn a close next to your feet. The timing is very strict, so it may take a few tries to really master this glitch. For the next step in this quest, make sure to read out guide on how and where to farm disintegration kills so you can quickly get to the new story mission!


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