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Destiny 2 Void Feast Bounty Guide - How to Complete Void Feast

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games event is in full swing, which means players will have to complete more bounties. Given out by Eva Levante in The Tower, these bounties will earn users additional experience and can be completed alongside the various Medal quests that are tied to earning points. However, one of these bounties appears bugged at first glance. Called “Void Feast,” this bounty tasks players with defeating 10 enemies or more with Devour without dying. Thankfully, the bounty isn’t bugged like many believe, but just very, very poorly worded. This is actually a pretty simple quest, especially if you own the Monte Carlo.

How to Complete Void Feast Bounty

Instead of triggering on 10 kills while the Devour buff is active, you need to actually get 10 charged melee kills without dying. Tied to the Attunement of Hunger tree, the Void Feast bounty can only be completed by using your charged melee to finish off a foe. It has to be a final blow or it will not count towards your progress. Additionally, you can get kills between your charged melee ones, so long as you don’t die.

Dying will reset the count, regardless of how many you’ve disintegrated beforehand. After you complete the first streak you’ll need to kill yourself and then repeat the process once again. If you keep going without perishing, you won’t make any progress towards the second streak. We recommend just popping into your Lost Sector of choice and farming enemies with charged melee kills. Alternatively, you can just drive around hitting Public Event banners to reset your melee charge.

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I recommend running the Monte Carlo and Claws of Ahamkara exotic pieces. Monte Carlo will give you melee energy back for each enemy you kill and the Claws allows you to store two melee charges instead of one. It’s a potent combination that will let you quickly amass 10 kills. Remember, you have to be running the Attunement of Hunger tree otherwise none of these kills will count. This quest is extremely specific, so make sure you have the proper sub-class equipped.

This will also help you gain Laurels, which are a new in-game item that drops from enemies killed by abilities. Used in Guardian Games to complete Medals, you’ll want to pick up as many Laurels as possible. Alongside the Void Feast bounty, there are two other sub-class specific ones that ask players to get Arc Soul and Solar Fusion Grenade kills. Both of these are straightforward, though the Arc Soul one can be a bit temperamental at times. We suggest rocking the Attunement of the Elements sub-class just to be safe.

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games is currently live on all platforms and is set to conclude on May 15th.

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