Destiny 2 Vidmaster Title Guide – All Triumphs for 30th Anniversary Seal

It won't unlock Recon this time.

Ready to grind out another Destiny 2 title? The 30th Anniversary Pack is here, and with it comes both a new dungeon and a six-player activity, each with their own rewards. If you’re looking to add another (or your first) title to your repertoire, there are a number of triumphs you’ll need to complete in order to unlock it. With the Forerunner title already in the game, Bungie had to go with something else. Here’s how to complete the 30th Anniversary Seal and unlock the Vidmaster title.

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Vidmaster Required Triumphs

There are ten total triumphs you need to complete in order to unlock this badge.

  • Let’s See What You’ll Be Taking Home – Spend keys in Xur’s Treasure Room on Eternity.
    • Three step milestone, starts at three keys.
  • Fateful Spin – Face each of the Wheel of Adversity’s challenges in Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty.
    • Mines, Crystals, Minotaurs, Commanders, and Blight
    • Reward: Joyful Burst emote.
  • Repeat Winner – Defeat final bosses in Dares of Eternity.
    • Three step milestone, starts at five bosses.
  • Special Guest Star – Defeat Xur’s Chosen in the Lightning Round.
    • Two step milestone, starts at two bosses.
  • Old Friends, Old Couch – Complete Dares of Eternity on Legend difficulty with a fireteam of two to four Guardians.
    • Reward: The Seat of Power emote.
  • Daring Displays – Complete Starhorse bounties. Weekly and Legend-difficulty Starhorse bounties grant additional progress.
    • Two step milestone, starts at six bounties.
  • Paraversal Prize – Earn the exotic Sidearm, Forerunner.
  • Grasp of Avarice Complete – Complete the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.
    • Reward: Absolutely Cursed emblem.
  • And Out Fly the Wolves – Earn the exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn.
  • The Richest Dead Man Alive – Recover all 12 of Wilhelm-7’s messages.
    • Reward: Hraesveglur ornament for Gjallarhorn.

What is Vidmaster?

The Vidmaster title is a reference to Bungie’s days making Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. Across the two titles there were seven difficult challenges to complete. Finishing these rewarded the ultra rare Recon armor which could only otherwise be obtained directly from winning a screenshot contest or by beating a team of employees on Bungie Day in 2009.

The challenges were:

  • Lightswitch – Reach the rank of Lieutenant in Halo 3.
  • Annual – After September 25, 2008, complete Halo in 4-player co-op, with the Iron skull on, and everyone in Ghosts.
  • 7 on 7 – Play a match with 7 EXP on the 7th of the month.
  • Brainpan – Find all of the hidden skulls on the Mythic maps.
  • Endure – In ODST Firefight, on any mission, pass the fourth set in a 4-player Heroic co-op.
  • Deja Vu – In ODST, complete Coast Highway in 4-player Legendary co-op, with the Iron skull on, and without using a Warthog or Scorpion.
  • Classic – In ODST, finish any campaign level on Legendary solo without shooting or throwing a grenade.

I can’t tell you how much time I spent working towards these in my teenage years. I still remember the struggles of Deja Vu and Endure and I’m glad I never have to do those again.