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Destiny 2 Uzume RR4 Guide - Uzume RR4 God Roll & How to Get It

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is here and it’s time to elevate your fashion game. Along with new weapons, a 6 player activity, armor, story missions, and season pass, the heavily requested armor transmogrification feature is finally arriving. In this season, players will team up with the Fallen Captain Mithrax to stop the Vex from plunging Earth into total darkness. Of course, the main thing you care about is getting all that sweet, sweet loot. Season 14 introduces a bunch of new weapons along with some old favorites for players to hunt down. The last of the Nightfall weapons is the Uzume RR4 sniper rifle.

How to Get the Uzume RR4

The Hung Jury is tied to the Nightfall playlist activity. Every week, one of three weapons will be available for players to hunt down. Their order never changes, so you can expect Uzume RR4 to appear every three weeks after Hung Jury. The difficulty you play the Nightfall on will determine the firearm’s drop rate. For example, you will have a much harder time grinding for Uzume RR4 at 1240 Power than the 1310 or 1340 Power Nightfalls.

Also, while both Legend and Master state the Nightfall weapon is Common, it still drops far more frequently at 1340. If you have a chance, I strongly suggest only grinding the Legend and Master versions of this Nightfall, as this will give you a more consistent offering of Uzume RR4. As for the Adept version, this will only be available through Grandmaster Nightfalls when the weapon is in rotation.

Destiny 2 Season 14 Aspects

Uzume RR4 God Rolls

Uzume RR4 PVE God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • Appended Mag or Tactical Mag
  • Triple Tap or Bottomless Grief
  • Vorpal Weapon

If you want a PVE roll of this weapon here are perks I recommend. I the barrel slot, you’ll want Arrowhead Brake to greatly reduce the sniper rifle’s overall recoil and give a tiny boost to stability. Additionally, you’ll want to increase the weapon’s magazine size with either Tactical or Appended Mag. You can go for Extended Mag, but I never liked the long reload penalty it offers. Both of these perks also work wonderfully with Triple Tap and Bottomless Grief, giving us more bullets in the chamber. Uzume is very much a boss-killing sniper rifle, so you’ll want to make sure you can fire as many rounds as possible into an enemy before needing to reload. Tying this all together is Vorpal Weapon, everyone’s favorite boss damage perk. High-Impact Reserves is also a decent option, but I personally prefer Vorpal Weapon.

Uzume RR4 PVP God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Brake
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Snapshot
  • Explosive Payload or High Impact Reserves

When it comes to PVP, Uzume RR4 is not the best choice available. With that being said, you will want either Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Brake in the barrel slot. The former offers a decent boost to the range, stability, and handling, while the latter almost entirely improves Uzume RR4’s recoil. Which one you prefer you’ll want to make sure you also have Accurized Rounds to boost Uzume’s effective range.

Snapshot is definitely the best in slot perk available for this rifle, as it allows us to quickly scope in on a target. Even though this doesn’t sound that impactful, the ability to hit your target first can make all the difference. Here’s where things get a little tricky, as Uzume’s second perk column is mainly for PVE. That being said, I do like either Explosive Payload or High Impact Reserves. The payload can do some nice AoE (Area of Effect) damage and has the benefit of making someone’s aim flinch when hit. This makes body shots a little more forgiving, while High Impact Reserves is just a raw damage boost. However, an argument could be made for Vorpal Weapon so you can take down Guardians in their Supers.

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