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Destiny 2 Truthteller Guide - How to Get the Truthteller & the God Roll

Pour one out fellow Guardians, the Mountaintop is going away in the fall.

A staple of the Destiny 2 PvE and PvP communities, this breach loading grenade launcher made a name for itself in the community thanks to its high damage, lack of projectile arc, and ease of use. A potent powerhouse during Season of the Worthy, the Mountaintop’s popularity only skyrocketed throughout Shadowkeep. Now with the latest fall expansion on the horizon, many are looking for this Kinetic weapon’s replacement. First mentioned by Destiny Youtuber KackisHD, the Dead Orbit grenade launcher Truthteller is more than capable of taking the Mountaintop’s lofty spot.

How to Get the Truthteller

Unlike a lot of the weapons this season, the Truthteller is just a world drop weapon that can appear when you pick up any Legendary Engram. This makes it pretty difficult to farm since there are so many different weapons that could drop instead of the Truthteller. One method is to spend your materials at Banshee-44 since he will only award Legendary weapons. While this does remove the chance of you getting armor, it’s still not a guaranteed drop. As someone who has a ton of Gunsmith Materials, I spent nearly 8,000 and only managed to get 3 Truthtellers. However, if you have a lot of these materials burning a hole in your virtual pocket, then consider trading them in with Banshee.

Another method is giving Vanguard tokens to Zavala for Legendary Engrams. You can get armor from these, so the loot pool isn’t shrinking at all. This is a decent alternative method, but personally I like to hold onto them for when the new expansion rotates in. The other way is simply by picking up Legendary Engrams that you are awarded during activities or for killing enemies. It’s not elegant, so don’t expect a consistent farming method to appear any time soon. Your best bet is to just dump Gunsmith Materials into Banshee until he awards you one.

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Truthteller God Roll

  • Smart Drift Controls or Linear Compensator
  • Spike Grenades
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Demolitionist or Swashbuckler

What makes the Truthteller so good is this gun has a lot of great perks that it can roll with. In the first slot you will want either Smart Drift Controls for its boost to four core stats or Linear Compensator if you want to increase the blast radius. Personally, I use this weapon as a way to deal with majors so the blast radius isn’t as important to me, but it’s a perk to certainly consider. Spike Grenades are an absolute must since you get increased damage on direct hits. This will most likely be the hardest part of farming this gun since there’s no great alternative to Spike Grenades – especially for PvE users.

For our next perk, we are picking Feeding Frenzy so we can get a faster reload if we use this to deal with groups of enemies or finish a major enemy. However, you can also get Auto-Loading Holster, which is superb if you find yourself swapping to your primary a lot. Finally, I recommend going for either Demolitionist or Swashbuckler as your final perk. The former is great for getting grenade energy and reloading the gun, while Swashbuckler’s damage bonus is way easier to trigger than Multikill Clip on a grenade launcher.

If you’ve been searching for a solid weapon to farm during the Season of Arrivals, consider hunting down this Legendary grenade launcher. We suspect it will make some big waves during the fall.

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