Destiny 2 Truth Quest Guide: A Map Asunder Locations, Warden of Nothing Relics

For those of you who never played the original Destiny, you should be excited for the return of Truth in Destiny 2. There have been other rockets with tracking, sure, but none of them are quite like Truth. Famous weapons like Gjallarhorn could help your rockets stay on track if an enemy tries to sidestep them, but Truth is on another level.

When aiming down the sites you can lock onto an enemy that may not even be in range. If they are, all you have to do is aim up and the rocket will arc back down on them. You can easily kill enemies that are behind cover with this incredibly tricky perk.

Presumably, the Truth in Destiny 2 will also be a staple for any of the larger, outdoor Crucible maps. Though it’ll also be great for folks who just aren’t great at hitting adds in PVE. Oh, and don’t even get us started on invading during Gambit! The Truth is sure to make a lot of PVE-minded players angry very, very soon.

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When Can I Get the Truth in Destiny 2?

We’ve known about the return of Truth for a good few weeks at this point. Bungie has slowly been unveiling more information about the Exotic rocket launcher with each weekly update post.

Destiny 2 Season of the Opulence is live now, along with a load of new loot which includes the new Truth rocket launcher.

Truth Exotic Quest Steps

1. Complete a Menagerie Run

After winning a Menagerie match, you’ll find a tattered note which Petra Venj will help you translate.

Amid the wreckage of the your victory in the Menagerie, you discover a tattered note written in Awoken script. You can’t read it, but you’ve certainly fought alongside someone who can.

Visit the Dreaming City to speak to Petra Venj.

2. A Scrap of Paper – Complete a Weekly Ascendant Challenge

Petra translates the note and finds out Truth is hidden somewhere in the Prison of Elders. To figure out exactly where, we’ll need to find a map in the Ascendant Plane.

The note that Petra translated for you is addressed to a “daughter of Light,” and it indicates that there is a stolen Rocket Launcher hidden somewhere in the labyrinthine Prison of Elders. To identify its location, the note indicates that you’ll need a map that has been squirreled away somewhere in the Ascendant Plane.

Complete one of Petra’s weekly Ascendant challenge bounties in the Dreaming City.

3. A Map Asunder – Find Four Treasure Map Pieces

You’ll need to find four more treasure map pieces. There are four different pieces which can be located though the following methods. Each time you’ll need to return to Petra to help decode them. Decode methods are listed in the next step.

  • Open a Dreaming City ascendant chest. Pop a Tincture of Queensfoil so you can see them! Keep in mind that their locations change based on how strong the corruption is that week!
  • Complete a Nightfall.
  • In Patrol, return to where you killed the Mindbender and kill the ogre inside.
  • Open an ascendant chest on Nessus.

To your dismay, the chest did not contain a complete map. Instead, you have a fragment of a larger whole, along with a cryptic note. Whoever hid this Rocket Launcher took great pains to keep it safe.

Unravel the clues to find and decode the remaining pieces.

4. A Map Asunder – Decode the Map Fragments

Now you must decode the map fragments. Complete each of these to find the true location of Truth.

  • Kill 500 Hive on the Tangled Shore. Powerful enemies grant more progress.
  • Complete a Corsair Down mission in the Dreaming City. Return the badge to an outpost.
  • Get 50 rocket launcher kills on Nessus while Ascendant.
  • With a 100 Power handicap, complete three nightfalls and accumulate 60 rocket launcher kills.

5. Candy from a Baby – Complete Warden of Nothing Strike While Ascendant, Find Chests

While you fight your way though the Warden of Nothing strike, you’ll need to collect six relics. Until you do so, it is not possible to open the hidden chest at the end.

You’ve successfully decoded and reassembled the map, revealing additional instructions clearly intended for someone else. However, that someone else is apparently Fallen, and in your mind, that makes this whole thing fair game. That Rocket Launcher is so close you can almost taste it. Metal… soot… finders-keepers-style thievery… Delicious.

Complete the “Warden of Nothing” strike while Ascendant, and find the final hidden Ascendant chest.

6. Candy from a Baby – Warden of Nothing Relic Locations

Use the video below to find these relics and claim Truth for yourself!


You emerge from the Prison of Elders with your new Rocket Launcher in hand, then send a quick message back to Petra to tell her the story. She’s happy for you, if a little uncertain about the morality of it. Shortly afterward, your Ghost receives a transmission from Werner 99-40 on Nessus. The Emperor has demanded an audience.

Calus is interested by your alliance with the Awoken of the Reef. Should the opportunity arise, he wants you to “put in a good word” for him.

That’s all we know about the return of Truth during the Destiny 2 Season of Opulence!

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