Destiny 2 Transmog Guide – How to Unlock & Get 33 Free Synthweave Tokens

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While we’ve known Bungie was adding armor transmog to Destiny 2 for some time, it isn’t as easy as just logging in and using the new system. You’ll first need to complete a quest for Ada-1 before being able to use what the game calls Armor Synthesis, unlocking new universal styles for you to use. The good news? Completing the quest will reward you with six free Synthweave Bolts per class. Combined with another quest there’s a total of 33 armor transmogs spread equally across the three classes. Considering how stingy Bungie is being with these materials by limiting you to earning ten per class per season, you certainly want to get these for every class.

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How to Unlock Armor Synthesis

Once you’ve completed the introductory mission for Season of the Splicer, load into the Tower and talk to Banshee-44. He’ll give you a quest and explain that Ada-1 is back, not that he remembers her ever leaving. Either teleport to the lower landing zone or haul your butt all the way back down to Ada’s normal corner. She’s done some renovating since last we saw her.

Ada will ask you to go to the BrayTech facility on Europa and recover some data which will help her establish the future of the Black Armory. This isn’t a standalone mission like the season’s introduction with Mithrax, however. You’ll need to land on Europa and make your way over to the building like you always do. Just inside is a terminal you need to interact with. It’ll give you the location of a processing unit on the other side of the room. The door looks locked from a distance, but approach and it’ll open for you. Thankfully, that’s all you need. Time to head back to the Tower.

After talking to her, installing the processing unit, and talking to her again, you’ll first be rewarded with a bundle of 15 Synthweave. It’s only five per class, of course. To walk you through the actual process of unlocking a new transmog, however, you’re given one more for each class and a quest to actually redeem one.

Continue on to complete Path of the Splicer I and Mithrax will also give you a bundle of five Synthweave for each class bringing our total to 11 transmog unlocks each.

How to Get Armor Synthesis

Ada-1 has bounties for you. Each class you have is limited to ten total completions per season. They’re randomized just like other repeatable bounties and are sorted into five different categories: Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit, Destination, and Raids/Dungeons. While we know what to expect from the first three, the latter two are a big unknown at the moment so maybe hold off on purchasing those for now.

Keep in mind you’ll need certain materials to purchase these bounties which you can earn simply by killing enemies anywhere in the solar system. It’s not a fun process. Hopefully Bungie improves the pointless grinding in the future.

What is Eligible for Transmog?

Before you ask, no you cannot turn exotics into a universal ornament. Bungie says this isn’t a thing because it would create issues in Crucible where you can visually see what your opponents are using. Everything else including commons, uncommons, and rares is fair game, however.


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