Destiny 2 Transmog Guide – Armor Synthesis Release Date, How it Works

Welcome to the Destiny fashion show!

Universal ornaments in their current served as a good temporary Band-Aid, but let’s be honest, a full-fledged transmogrification system was always needed for Destiny 2. Thankfully, Bungie is introducing the system in Season 14 alongside the return of Ada-1 to the Tower. In this guide, we’ll explain everything we know about the Armor Synthesis system including how to turn whatever piece of armor you want into an ornament.

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How do I Transmog Something?

Unfortunately, you can’t just automatically convert your entire armor collection into usable Armor Synthesis. There will be a process for this through Ada-1. According to Bungie, Ada will offer bounties focused around various activity types. Completing these quests gives you Synthesis tokens to power up Ada’s Loom which can then turn any one piece of armor into a permanent universal ornament. Keep in mind that this process will destroy the piece of armor you convert.

You can also purchase these tokens for Silver though Bungie has remain tight-lipped on the cost.

How to Get Armor Synthesis

As we just mentioned, Ada-1 will have bounties for you. Bungie says the focused activity will change each season, but we don’t know how often the bounties will refresh. We suspect they’ll be like any other weekly or daily bounty with smaller rewards for the shorter term bounties.

Since everyone is starting off at square one with a huge collection, Bungie is also providing a “starting supply” of Synthesis tokens as a reward for finishing the seasonal onboarding quest. Who knows exactly how much that’ll let you transmog, but we imagine it’ll at least get you one full set so you can start off the season looking the way you want.

What is Eligible for Transmog?

Before you ask, no you cannot turn exotics into a universal ornament. Bungie says this isn’t a thing because it would create issues in Crucible where you can visually see what your opponents are using. Everything else including commons, uncommons, and rares is fair game, however.

Why Is It Called Armor Synthesis and Not Transmog?

We suspect it’s called Armor Synthesis because it’s solely focused on the appearance of armor. It’s not like other games where you can also change the way your weapons look. Again, this comes back to readability for Crucible and other PVP game modes. Bungie really wants people to tell what they’re dealing with at a quick glance.

What Else is Changing?

The other big change is with shaders. No longer are they consumables that fill up your inventory and bank space. Instead they’re permanent unlocks and can be swapped at will without needing to open up a bunch of menus to restock. Bungie has also added the ability to dye all of your armor slots at once! No more going piece to piece applying the same shader. I personally can’t wait to swap my armor colors on the fly again. Even though I have unlimited Glimmer and legendary tokens, the simple fact that they’re consumable keeps me from toying around too much.


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