Destiny 2 A Tower Rebuilt Guide – Beyond Light Iron Banner Quest Steps

Iron Banner is back for the first time since Destiny 2: Beyond Light launched and there’s a new quest for players to complete. Dubbed “A Tower Rebuilt,” this quest is broken up into five steps, six if you include visiting Lord Saladin at the end. Datamined on DestinyTracker, this quest revolves entirely around the returning Crucible game mode and will test your hand cannon and scout rifle skills. As for rewards, this season of Iron Banner is bringing back an older armor set, along with The Steady Hand hand cannon and The Guiding Sight scout rifle. Both of which will have random rolls and can come with the exclusive Iron Banner perks — Iron Grip and Iron Gaze.

Keep in mind, while the steps of this quest may seem daunting your progress will carry over for certain tasks between steps. So when one part asks you to capture 10 Control Points and the next one 20, you should start off this portion with 10 already done. This, of course, could change to artificially inflate the length of the quest, but it seems unlikely. If something does change, we will update our guide so you can set more time aside to participate in Iron Banner.

A Tower Rebuilt Quest Steps

1. Shaped By Iron

  • Defeat 30 Guardians
  • Capture 10 Zones
  • Get 5 Void Ability Kills

Your first step simply tasks you with killing 30 Guardians, capturing 10 control zones, and getting five Void kills. This may take a few games depending on how many zones you are able to capture. I also recommend using any roaming Void supers to ensure you can get 2-3 kills per use.

2. No Games, No Sympathy

  • Complete 6 Crucible Matches
  • Capture 20 Zones
  • Get 25 Energy Weapon Kills

Another easy portion, most of these steps will be beaten by just playing through Iron Banner. As for the Energy weapon kills, I recommend using a primary weapon to ensure that you can consistently land final blows. Remember, Iron Banner has Power Level enabled, meaning you’ll want to be geared up with your highest light equipment before heading in. Some Energy weapons I recommend using are Gnawing Hunger, Stars in Shadows, Sunshot, Trustee, or Devil’s Ruin. If you prefer using Special ammo guns, then either Felwinter’s Lie or Adorned will be your best choices.

3. Paying Respects

  • Defeat 100 Guardians
  • Capture 30 Zones
  • Get 20 Scout Rifle Kills

You should, thankfully, have most of this quest completed by the time you get to this step. The only part that may be tricky for some is the scout rifle kills. This is mainly because a bunch got sunset, so you will be relying on either exotics or a very select few that are still available. Some scout rifles worth using are Trustee, MIDA Multi-Tool, Symmetry, or Royal Chase. MIDA Multi-Tool will certainly be the most popular choice since it’s a Rapid-Fire Frame and doesn’t take up an Energy slot. Just make sure to keep your distance, as hand cannons and auto rifles still dominate the PVP meta.

4. A Tower Rebuilt

  • Get 15 Super Kills
  • Capture 40 Zones
  • Get 15 Hand Cannon Kills

Unlike the previous step, you actually have a bunch of terrific options when it comes to hand cannons inside the Crucible. Dire Promise is one of the most popular thanks to its sheer consistency, but other legendary weapons like True Prophecy, The Old Fashion, Posterity, Nation of Beasts, and Ancient Gospel are all solid alternatives if you get the right roll. If you don’t mind using an exotic slot, then consider either Thorn or Crimson, as both are quite strong and fairly easy to use.

5. Raising the Banner

  • Complete 15 Crucible Matches
  • Capture 50 Zones
  • Perform 10 Precision Final Blows

The last real step of this quest is one of the easiest parts. Since you aren’t limited to what weapon you have to use, just make sure you focus on landing headshots. If you’re struggling then use weapons like sniper rifles, scout rifles, or hand cannons, as these are easier to control and far more precise. You’ll definitely want to avoid submachine gun since their recoil patterns are often difficult to control, making landing precision blows tricky.

6. From the Mountaintop

  • Speak to Lord Saladin

Once you’ve completed the Raising the Banner step, just go talk to Lord Saladin in The Tower to finish this quest. Congratulations, you’ve earned the privilege to turn in all those Iron Banner tokens you’ve earned. Keep in mind, you have the entire season to beat this quest, so don’t feel like you need to rush through it in a week.


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