Destiny 2 Third Aspect Guide – How to Get Your Season 13 Aspect

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen is officially here, so that means it’s time to hunt down a new Stasis Aspect to augment your subclass. Available when you log in, players will once again need to complete a series of tasks for the Exo Stranger if they want to further modify Stasis. To start this quest you will need to travel to the southern portion of Europa and speak to Elise by the small house. Doing this will give you access to both the Fragment quests and the new one tied to the third Aspect.

Here’s everything you need to do to unlock it:

How to Unlock the Third Aspect

Destroy Entropic Shards in the Well of Infinitude

Did you really think you were done with destroying flying triangles? For this step, you’ll need to destroy about 7 Entropic Shards with the Salvation’s Grip exotic grenade launcher. Thankfully, these ones aren’t hidden so you can follow your waypoint directly to them. The enemies in this area are around 1260, so make sure you don’t drop your Light too much when equipping this gun. After blasting the shards, you’ll need to defeat a few waves of Vex until a mini-boss Wyvern appears. Defeating this will reward you with a Skeleton Key.

Complete a Heroic Exo Challenge

For this section, you will want to bring a few friends or wait until you have gained some Power Levels. This is a pretty difficult challenge to solo right at the start of the season, mainly due to the design of this encounter. You’ll need to protect the center platform from the waves of Vex, but they will occasionally attack from different sides at the same time. Additionally, you’ll want to unlock the Overload Bow or Submachine Gun mod in the new Artifact, otherwise, this will be a real struggle.

Focus on dealing with any of the Wyverns and Overload Champions that spawn first, since they will be the biggest source of outgoing damage, You’ll also want to run a mob clearing Super so you can quickly wipe out any large groups that may overwhelm one side. It may take a few tries so I strongly encourage you to have a full fireteam.

Visit the Ziggurat

Your final step simply involves you visiting the Ziggurat that’s by the Exo Stranger. When you spawn by her, take your sparrow towards the waypoint and interact with the alter. This will reward you with a shiny new Aspect that you can equip in your Stasis subclass menu.

What’s New in Season of the Chosen?

What’s coming to Destiny 2 over the next three months? For starters, there’s a new seasonal activity called Battlegrounds and, thank the Traveler, it’s a three-player matchmade experience. No more roaming around in patrol hoping people show up to your party. There’s also a new area in the Tower called the Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers, or HELM. Basically, it’s your new area for coordinating Vanguard operations with the “War Table Seasonal vendor” who we thought was Zavala, but that probably can’t be the case.

You can also use the Prismatic Recaster here and decode your Umbral Engrams at the Umbral Decoder. In a new move, the help document also says players can manage their vault and get items from the Postmaster here! For those who like events, Trials of Osiris is back on February 12 with new armor sets and weapons to chase. Iron Banner is another routine staple and the Guardian Games will be hosted in late April. Will the Titans come out victorious once again?