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Destiny 2 The Steady Hand Guide – The Steady Hand God Roll & How to Get It

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is finally here after months and months of waiting. Acting as the next major chapter in this FPS/RPG hybrid, players will embark on a journey to Europa to battle against a Fallen leader called Eramis and learn more about the true nature of the Darkness. This expansion includes new characters, missions, endgame activities, weapons, exotics, and enemy types. Along with all this, Iron Banner returns with two additional weapons for players to chase. Once of these is The Steady Hand hand cannon, which falls into the 120 RPM Aggressive Frame archetype. Here’s how to get this weapon and what the best perks are:

How to Get The Steady Hand

Similar to other Iron Banner weapons, The Steady Hand is tied to this PVP event. Players will be able to earn this weapon by completing Iron Banner matches, turning in 20 Tokens to Lord Saladin for an Iron Banner Engram, or completing the Paying Respects step in the Tower Rebuilt quest. You cannot get this weapon outside of Iron Banner, so if you want a good roll make sure to grind this activity. How long it takes you to actually earn one is entirely dependant on your RNG outside of the Tower Rebuilt quest.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Iron Banner Quest

The Steady Hand God Rolls

The Steady Hand PVE God Roll

  • Truesight HCS or Steadyhand HCS
  • Appended Mag
  • Outlaw
  • Wellspring or Swashbuckler

For those looking to take this into PVE, your perk pool is a little limited. While I don’t recommend using The Steady Hand for most endgame activities, this is the roll I would hunt for if you’re a PVE player. Your sight should either be True Sight HCS or Steadyhand HCS. The former gives you a minor boost to range, aim assistance, stability, and handling. That being said, if you want to focus more on controlling the actual weapon go for the Steadyhand HCS. This increases your overall stability, handling, and aim assistance, making The Steady Hand more consistent. As for your mag, go for Appended Mag since this gives you more bullets in the mag without hitting you with a reload speed penalty.

For our first main perk, we are going with Outlaw since The Steady Hand has a pretty terrible base reload speed. Since this weapon has a lot of stopping power, you will almost always be able to kill any red bar mob with a precision shot. This synergizes nicely with Swashbuckler, allowing us to keep our damage multiplier up between reloads. Swashbuckler has always been a popular PVE choice, especially for those with a melee-focused build. However, if you want something more than just “increasing the damage,” consider Wellspring instead. A new perk, Wellspring will give us energy to all our uncharged abilities with each kill. It’s a great perk that works with virtually any build.

The Steady Hand PVP God Roll

  • Truesight HCS
  • Light Mag or High Caliber Rounds
  • Slideshot or Killing Wind
  • Swashbuckler

For PVP, you’ll want to use the Truesight HCS since this gives us a bump to range, aim assistance, stability, and handling. As for your magazine, your best choices are either Light Mag for increase to range and reload speed or High Caliber Rounds. I prefer the former since Light Mag gives a range and reload bonus, which is great since this weapon takes forever to actually change magazines. Alternatively, you can hunt for High Caliber Rounds which increase the range but also cause your opponent to flinch. Given your fire rate is quite slow, this can help you win most duels since you’ll be causing your foe’s aim to bounce when they’re hit.

Our first primary perk should either be Slideshot or Killing Wind. Slideshot is great as it helps us get around the slow reload while providing a stability and range boost. This is great for those who prefer more kinetic playstyles that see them zipping all across the map. Another choice is Killing Wind which boosts our mobility, range, and handling for a short duration after each kill. While you are tied to actually securing a kill first, this perk is great for big 6v6 game modes where you’ll often face multiple combatants at once. Finally, we are choosing Swashbuckler to boost the weapon’s damage, allowing us to swiftly take down enemies. However, if damage isn’t a concern then Iron Grip is a great choice to greatly increase The Steady Hand’s stability.

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