Destiny 2 The Pigeon Provides Quest Guide – Dawning 2021 Quest Steps

Doves are just white pigeons FYI.

As per usual, this year’s Dawning event in Destiny 2 kicks off with an introductory quest, but everyone is also getting another mission centered around Saint-14 and the Eliksni. Everyone deserves a little Dawning cheer, don’t they? Saint wants to make sure our new friends get to partake in this Tower tradition and so we set off to bake them something special. Once we figure out what the ingredients are and how to make it that is. In this guide, we run down all ten quest steps for The Pigeon Provides quest for The Dawning 2021 in Destiny 2. This quest will be given to you after you complete the opening little quest from Eva that introduces you to the event’s mechanics.

Step 1: Speak with Saint-14

To start the quest, head to the Tower and trek over to Saint-14’s corner.

Complete The Lost Splicer

To kick things off we’re going to Europa. Pull up your destination map and land in the northern portion of Europa. You’ll find a quest item there, so go interact with it. You’ll find a datapad along the cliffside in a small cave, this should be marked by a white diamond on your HUD. . Inspecting it will advance the quest and inform you that you’ll need to gather some ingredients (surprise).

Create Swaddled Etherdips

You have to love a good Ether-dipped cookie. Time to gather some new ingredients:

  • Pure Ether Extract – Earned from lost sectors on Europa.
  • Harpy Eggs – Earned by defeating Vex Harpies.
  • Glacial Starwort – From nodes and chests on Europa.

I recommend heading to Cadmus Ridge and farming the Perdition Lost Sector. Not only will it complete your Pure Ether Extract requirements, but there are quite a few Vex Harpies inside that you can kill. Additionally, make sure to throw the Combo Detector mod onto your Ghost, as this will let you detect both resource nodes and chests hidden around. I was able to complete my entire step in three runs of this Lost Sector, just make sure to look around for some Glacial Starwort as you make your way through!

“Those ingredients do not seem delicious to me, but what do I know of Eliksni mouths?” —Saint-14

Purchase Kellsdough and Make Swaddled Etherdips

Now we have to save up 15 Dawning Spirit to buy Kellsdough from Spider. You earn this currency by delivering Dawning Gifts and completing Dawning Triumphs. Another way is to complete Dawning Bounties handed out by Eva. These are incredibly easy and shouldn’t take too long to complete. Just remember, if you’re looking for snowballs they can be found only on Europa and activities within it. That being said, I found baking goods and delivering them to the various NPCs the best method. Just pick whichever recipe you prefer and go get the necessary ingredients. As for the Etheric Spiral, I suggest you equip your Ghost with the Combo Detector mod. Just drive around the patrol zone, opening any chest you find and grabbing those pretty orange fauna.

  • Etheric Spiral – From nodes and chests in The Tangled Shore.
  • Kellsdough – Purchase from Spider for 15 Dawning Spirit.

“You mewling wretches. No treats for me this Dawning? What, did I do something to get on your naughty list?” —The Spider

Return to Saint-14

We have all of the ingredients we need. Time to head back to Saint-14.

“Hurry back! I cannot wait to bake with the hottest flames the Tower has ever seen!” —Saint-14

Deliver the Treats

Go to the Eliksni Quarter from the HELM and deliver the Swaddled Etherdips. Just approach the Fallen around the camp and you’ll be prompted to deliver the goodies. Make sure you have your sound up so you can hear all the cute baby Fallen noises! Awh, this makes murdering all those Vex worth it.

“It is not important that the Eliksni know the treats are from me, only that they are from all of us in the Tower.” —Saint-14

Update Saint-14

Head back to the Tower and tell Saint how things went.

“I will tell Mithrax his people can come to me for more cookies. I will challenge the recipe again myself, and I will conquer it!” —Saint-14

Return to Eva Levante

That’s it! Time to tell Eva all the happiness we just brought.

“Bring our story to Eva. It will comfort her, and I know she worries.” —Saint-14