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Destiny 2 The Last Word Guide: How to Complete 'The Draw'

The Last Word, an Exotic hand cannon of Destiny 1 fame, is now out in Destiny 2. It is acquired through a quest called “The Draw,” and it’s definitely worth your time—the gun is still an absolute monster in Crucible.

The Last Word is fully automatic, making it a beast for taking down enemies who are pushing at you with a shotgun. It seems like it’s going to be a bit of a necessity moving forward, so follow the steps below to get one for yourself.

The Last Word Destiny 2

Step 1: Tainted Artifact

Meet up with The Drifter in the Tower for the very first step of the quest. He will give you the quest.

Seek the guidance of one who dabbles in the arcane to learn more.

This unknown artifact seethes with an odd, familiar sickness.

Step 2: The Cleansing

For the second step, you will need to farm some Hive—kills with Solar damage, 75 total Hive kills, and three Hive bosses killed. Head to Mars and farm some waves of Escalation Protocol to finish this step swiftly.

Purge the artifact of its sickness.

Some who walk a darker path believe what we call ‘Weapons of Sorrow’ ain’t a complete science. This artifact could be key to a new understanding- if you’re willing to risk temptation.” – The Drifter

Step 3: A Cleansed Artifact

Head back to the Tower and speak to The Drifter once more.

The artifact is now cleansed. But what is its purpose?

“The artifact is free of disease now. I might be able to see what it’s for. Bring it to me. Let’s see how far down this dead-end leads.” – The Drifter

Step 4: The Temptation

Up next, it’s time to head to the Crucible. Kills in Crucible will advance progress, and deaths will negate it. So, you’re going to need to get some decent kill/death ratios. Some reports are stating that you get around two percent per kill or assist, and lose one percent for a death.

Want to see what this artifact can do? Feed it Light by defeating Guardians in the Crucible. Being defeated will impede progress.

“The 7th Book of Sorrow speaks of a great Unmaking. Old friends of mine believe it’s the blueprint for terrible weapons made in its name. I think they’re mostly right, but to find out some of your friends are gonna have to suffer.” – The Drifter

Step 5: The Damnation

Head to Titan to finish a 500 Power level mission.

The artifact is calling to something dark. Uncover a dark ritual on Titan and stop the twisted ceremony.

“The artifact is in pain. Can you hear it? It’s made to feed on Light, and that Light is feeding something other. The trail is faint, but the screams don’t lie. Get to Titan. Answers wait where dead things play.” – The Drifter

Step 6: A New Jagged Purpose

Return to The Drifter once more.

You found a Guardian’s helmet penetrated by a unique bullet.

“The artifact was part of a Hive ritual tied to their efforts to perfect the Weapons of Sorrow. But that helm you found? Only one thing can cut through a Guardian like that. We may be too late. New weapons may already be in play.” – The Drifter 

Step 7: Sullied Light

This next step, the most difficult and time-consuming one, requires multiple steps.

  1. Hive precision kills
  2. Three Heroic Witch Summoning events
  3. 15 Lost Sector escapees killed
  4. 25 Blood for Blood or Best Served Cold medals in Crucible

Kill Hive anywhere for the first step, which can be done while finishing three Heroic Witch Summoning events, on either Titan or Mars. To make the event Heroic, stand on the two back platforms to take down the shields of the crystals over the gate, and destroy the crystals. Then finish whatever comes through the portal.

You can farm any Lost Sector you want for the third step, just making sure to kill any enemy with the prefix “WANTED.”

The final step requires you to avenge fallen teammates in Crucible, or kill the enemy who last killed you. This can be done by quickly killing  an enemy that just killed an ally. You can do this by playing like a jerk and watching teammates die before you help, or you can just play Crucible naturally. The choice is yours.

The Hive weapon master is creating new Weapons of Sorrow. You need to stop it. Gather powerful objects to sully your Light and complete the ritual.

  • Collect Etched Crystals from Lost Sector wanted escapees.
  • Earn multiple “Best served cold” and “Blood for blood” medals in the Crucible.
  • Defeat Hive with precision damage to collect larvae.
  • Sacrifice Hive bosses summoned in witches’ rituals.

“This is it, Guardian- the furthest you’ve gone down sorrow’s road. There ain’t no turnin’ back. If the Hive are upgrading their arsenal, we need to know where and how, so we can stop it and learn from it. Don’t worry. This ritual won’t make you a bad guy. It’ll just feel like it.” – The Drifter

Step 8: Sorrow’s Road

Talk to the Drifter again in the Tower.

You have all you need to track the Hive weapon master.

“Using the thorn from your dead friend’s helm and lettin’ corruption touch your Light ain’t an easy call. But you didn’t back down. Come see me and we’ll track the weapon that fired that jagged bit of death.” – The Drifter

Step 9: The Conversation

One more 500 Power level mission stands in your way. The final encounter features an Acolyte and a plate to stand on. Standing on the plate will spawn The Last Word and allow you to take out the Acolyte’s weapon—Thorn. Defeat him and the enemies that spawn with him in good old fashioned wild west duels. Make sure to shoot the gun out of their hands. Repeat this process a few times, and The Last Word is yours.

Enkaar, the Hive weapon master, is hiding in Hellrise Canyon in the Tangled Shore. Hunt him down!

“Time to hunt us a Hive weapons master and put an end to whatever he’s cookin’ up. This is where you get to be a hero, and we both get to learn a little bit more about things best left undiscovered. Careful out there, you’ll be alone, and the odds’ll be stacked. Hope you make it back.” -The Drifter

Step 10: A Darker Path

Return to The Drifter one last time to show off your shiny new gun. Congrats, The Last Word is yours. Stay tuned for what’s next…

You defeated the Hive weapon master thanks to a mysterious gift, the Last Word. What would the Drifter say about that?

“The hunt is over. Our weapon master is defeated, thanks to you. And in his wake, you’ve found the Last Word? Well I’ll be. Hm. It’s probably best we close this case down. For now.” – The Drifter

The Draw Destiny 2 Guide

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