Destiny 2 Solstice Package Guide – How to Get Solstice Packages (2020)

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event is officially live, so itis time to hop into the EAZ, slap on your favorite elemental primary, and celebrate. Revolving around upgrading a truly badass-looking armor set by completing various tasks, players can also earn Solstice Packages which contain armor, weapons, or crafting materials. Not only are these gifts a solid supply of loot throughout the event, but they are tied to quest steps for each of the three class’ armor. Here’s everything you need to know about not only getting these packages but how to open them and get all that sweet, sweet loot.

How to Get Solstice Packages

You can earn Solstice Packages by completing runs of the EAZ. This mode tasks you with hunting down mini-bosses scattered throughout the debris. You’ll have around 3 minutes to slay as many as possible before the final boss arrives. For each mini-boss you kill, a secret chest will spawn after the final boss is defeated. You can obtain Solstice Packages from either the main chest after the boss is dead or any of the hidden chests.

I strongly recommend running Falling Guillotine for this activity, as it absolutely melts the mini-bosses you have to hunt down. On my first couple of runs, I was able to average 10-12 and that’s with me still trying to remember their spawn locations. You’ll also want to make use of the various teleporters around the map’s perimeter, as they’re great for getting back to the center of the map.

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How to Open Solstice Packages

To open up a Solstice Package you will need a minimum of 15 Solstice Key Fragments. These fragments are earned in a variety of different ways, such as completing activities like Strikes or Crucible matches. However, the most common method for earning Solstice Key Fragments is by opening the secret chests at the end of every EAZ. Once you slay the final boss and open the chest, 21 secret chests will pop-up all throughout the map.

These are hidden around, inside, or on top of the buildings and other environmental objects. By yourself these can be tricky to located, however, the community has thrown together a helpful map that shows all their possible spawn points. Key Fragments can also be earned from Eva’s Daily and Weekly Bounties, so always make sure to snap these up!

I strongly recommend using this map if you plan to farm the EAZ. It will let you collect far more key fragments, thus giving you more access to Solstice Packages and their contents. Remember, each class will require you to open a total of 10 Solstice Packages so I recommend hoarding all your key fragments and packages until this step. This will ensure you don’t have to redo the grind and can quickly move past this step without any issue.

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event begins today and runs until September 8th.


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