Destiny 2 Solstice Key Fragments Guide – How to Get & Farm Solstice Key Fragments

Solstice Key Fragments are always an important part of any Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes event. These pieces are required to open Solstice Packages which you need to upgrade your Solstice armor sets. You’ll also find some goodies inside like weapon or armor mods, enhancement cores, planetary resources, vendor tokens, and lots and lots of blue gear. Once you’ve upgraded your armor all the way, it’s also possible to get random rolls of the final set so you can hunt for the stats you want.

Needless to say, you’re going to want a ton of key fragments. Here are all the ways to get them and what you do with them.

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Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes

How to Get Solstice Key Fragments

There are a few ways to get yourself some more Solstice Key Fragments. The first is through Eva Lavente’s bounties. Just grab these from the Tower and complete them during your everyday activities. They’ll go a long way over time.

The other method is completing European Aerial Zone runs. During the event, you’ll be challenged to defeat as many minibosses as possible in five minutes. Then you’ll face a boss and get a reward crate with some Solstice Packages inside. This is what you need those keys for.

That’s not all, however. After that, the game will initiate treasure hunt segment where you and your fireteam have the chance to run around the map looking to loot hidden chests. This isn’t a leisurely stroll though. There’s a time limit, again, depending on how many bosses you took out. While there are a total of 21 chest locations, your team can only open a number of them equal to the total of minibosses you dispatched.

Thankfully, community members have put together quick maps which will help you check all of the possible locations. This is especially important because unless you kill all 21 minibosses, which chests spawn is entirely random. You’ll need to be familiar with all of the possible locations lest you miss out on some free rewards.

As a reminder, it takes 15 Solstice Key Fragments to open a Solstice Package. Each of the EAZ hidden chests will contain one or two key fragments meaning you’ll need to defeat about ten minibosses to be able to open a full package.

You can also earn key fragments passively by completing public events, strikes, Crucible matches, etc.

Unfortunately, the Solstice Key Magnet, which increased key fragment drops for one hour, is no longer available. Instead, we recommend saving that valuable melted cosmetic material for more important purchases like the Solstice armor glows.

How to Farm Solstice Key Fragments

Players from last year will have to work a bit harder to get key fragments this time around. Bungie patched AFK Black Armory Forge farming, so you’ll need to actually hang around and keep loading into the activity at the very least. Because of this, you will need to actually put in some work in if you want to farm these key fragments. The first and perhaps the best method is by running the Lake of Shadows strike. Despite picking it from the EDZ destination menu, completing it will still reward 17 Solstice Key Fragments per run. Since this is the shortest strike in the game, a skilled team can beat it easily in under 5 minutes. This is also great for solo players since this strike will have matchmaking.

For the PVP minded Guardian, Rumble is going to be the place to be. It’s a very short mode that rewards a nice handful of Solstice Key Fragments. While the length of matches depends entirely on your and the rest of the lobby’s skill level, it’s still going to be faster than the majority of other Crucible modes. That being said, if Team Scorched or Mayhem ever appear, these will also be good modes to farm since they’re relatively short due to all chaos.

Unsurprisingly, the EAZ is one of the worst places to farm Solstice Key Fragments. Even though you can get a lot of Solstice Packages here, there are too many variables when it comes to earning keys. Instead, I would avoid this mode unless you need packages for your gear or need to complete a quest step. Just make sure to pick up the bounties from Eva as they do reward 5 Solstice Key Fragments a pop!


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