Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals Calendar Guide – Roadmap, Event Dates

The final Destiny 2 season before this fall’s expansion has arrived! June 9, today, marks the start of the Season of Arrivals as the darkness has finally entered the solar system’s playable game areas. While Bungie has gotten a bit more tight lipped about their plans for the entire season, particularly when it comes to exotic quests, it still puts out a calendar so you know what to expect. This season is highlighted by the new Prophecy dungeon, new activities, and the return of both Moments of Triumph and Solstice of Heroes.

Bungie just released a calendar outlining all these exciting new events and when they’re scheduled to start, so keep the following in mind while planning weddings or vacations in the near future:

When does the Destiny 2 Season of the Arrivals Start and End?

Season of Arrivals kicks off on June 9. It ends on November 10 when Beyond Light releases. It was previously scheduled to end on September 22, but the release has been moved back due to COVID delays.

Then What?

Again, information is relatively sparse, but the season kicks off today with the new Contact public event on IO which comes with its own legendary weapons and armor. There’s also Mission Interference, a new rotating weekly quest which we’ll explain more in depth once we’ve had a chance to check it out.

For hardcore fans, Bungie is launching a surprise dungeon tonight at 5 PM PDT! The Prophecy dungeon explores the Nine and has two new Legendary armor sets. The better news? There are also a handful of new weapons drops and the return of the Escalation Protocol weapons. That’s right! The IKELOS shotgun is back and will be around for a while! It has a maximum power of 1,360 while the current maximum is 1060.

In July, the Moments of Triumph event returns and in August we see Solstice of Heroes come back yet again.

  • Unknown Dates:
    • Iron Banner
    • Ruinous Effigy Exotic Quest
    • Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Quest
  • June 9:
    • Contact Public Event on Io (New Legendary Weapons and Armor)
    • Mission Interference and Weekly Quest (Rewards Pinnacle Gear)
    • Prophecy Dungeon (Returning IX-Themed Armor, New Daito Legendary Armor Set)
  • July 7:
    • Moments of Triumph (New Triumphs & Seals)
  • August 11:
    • Solstice of Heroes (New Legendary Glowing Armor)
  • October 6:
    • Festival of the Lost (New Masks, Triumphs, and Rewards)

From what we can tell the Prophecy Dungeon and Solstice of Heroes event are completely free to play. It’s likely that the Contact public event is free for all, but some rewards may be locked behind the season pass. Bungie’s calendar does not specify whether Moments of Triumph is a free event or not. The new exotics are likely season pass exclusive.

What Season comes after Season of Arrivals?

We don’t know yet! But we do know that it will launch alongside the upcoming Beyond Light expansion which takes us to Europa and introduces new darkness subclasses! Each season will come with its own Premium Pass, which grants access to new activities, new exotic gear, and new Universal Ornament cosmetic goodies for people that want to buy in. Basically, expect to see more of what you saw this season when that launches on September 9.


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  1. You are saying “Datto” armour… it is not named after the Youtuber, it is “Daito,” Japanese meaning behind “sword/long sword”.

    I wish people would understand this.

  2. Just a heads up, in the arrival u keep calling it season of the worthy lol. U r still holding on to a previous season that obviously meant alot to u!!!

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