Destiny 2 Season 9 Triumphs Guide – Challenges, Rituals, Engagement Bugged

In Season of the Undying, Bungie added a slow of time-limited triumphs for players to pursue. From Vex Offensive kills and completions to kills on the Moon and Power levels. They’re generally pretty predictable and Season of Dawn comes with another handful of challenges. Our Destiny 2 Season 9 Triumph Guide goes over all of this season’s tasks and explains some bugs with the Challenges, Rituals, and Engagment triumphs.

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Bugged Triumphs

We know the following triumphs are currently bugged. However, none of the following are currently revealed as of the Season of Dawn launch. We’ll know more as the season progresses and players start unlocking more and more triumphs.

  • “Challenges” won’t progress with weekly challenge completion
  • “Rituals” won’t progress with weekly Gambit bounties or Infamy ranks
  • “Engagement” won’t progress with banked motes

All Seasonal Season of Dawn Triumphs

Here’s everything available during the Season of Dawn. It’s worth noting that every single triumph rewards some amount of Fractaline Harvest. Presumably this is for the Sundial, but we’ll keep you updated as we get our own hands on the new content.

For now, here’s everything we know:

  • Season 9: Power Bonus – In Season 9, increase your Power bonus with the Lantern of Osiris.
  • Season 9: Progress – In Season 9, unlock levels of the Season Pass.
  • Tangled Shore Resonance – Increase the Resonance Rank of the Tangled Shore Obelisk.
  • Mars Resonance – Increase the Resonance Rank of the Mars Obelisk.
  • Nessus Resonance – Increase the Resonance Rank of the Nessus Obelisk.
  • EDZ Resonance – Increase the Resonance Rank of the EDZ Obelisk.
  • Global Resonance – Increase the Resonance Rank of any obelisks (Requires 40, rewards Timeswept Shell)
  • Link Repair – Repair each of the fractured links found on the Tower Obelisk.
  • Race Through Time – Complete the Sundial within a set amount of time. (Defeat Niruul)
  • Undefeatable – Complete a run of the Sundial without dying.
  • Legendary Psion – Defeat Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune, on Legend difficulty or higher.
  • Flayer Slayer – Defeat each of the Psion Flayers found within the Sundial. (3)
  • Inotam’s Ruin – Defeat Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune, within the Sundial.
  • Sundial – Complete the Sundial activity to stop the Cabal from taking advantage of the Infinite Forest engine.
  • Bastion – Acquire the Exotic Fusion Rifle, Bastion.
  • Saintly Savior – Save Saint-14 from the Infinite Forest.
  • A Past Remembered – Obtain and place the Tribute to the Colonies for Saint-14.
  • Bound by Duty – Obtain and place the Bounty Book for Saint-14.
  • Saintly Duty – Complete bounties for Saint-14.
  • Devil’s Ruin – Travel to Twilight Gap and collect the materials required to repair Devil’s Ruin.
  • Tower Obelisk – Repair the Tower Obelisk components.
  • Central Power – Repair and insert the Tower Obelisk core to activate its true potential.
  • Power Overwhelming – Increase the potential charge of the Tower Obelisk by repairing its components and increasing the level of destination obelisks.
  • Empyrean Restorer – Donate Polarized Fractaline to the Tower Obelisk to contribute toward the Empyrean Restoration effort. (5000 Polarized Fractaline)
  • Torch-Bearer – Complete the Empyrean Restoration effort and light the beacon.

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