Destiny 2 Season 13 Week 10 Challenges Tips Guide

One of the big changes for Destiny 2’s new Season of the Chosen is the replacement of weekly vendor bounties. Instead, your quests tab has a new hub for new Seasonal Challenges. For the first ten weeks of each season, Bungie will be adding new weekly quests via this new system in an effort to make up for the lost XP and Bright Dust rewards. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the Destiny 2 Season 13, Week 10 challenges and offering some tips for fast completion.

How Do These New Challenges Work?

The new weekly challenges work about how you’d expect them to. Each week, Bungie will be adding more though there won’t be a specific number of challenges each time. You have until the end of the season to complete them, so no worries if you’re not keeping up with the progression as you go. In fact, waiting makes it a bit easier to complete the whole thing faster as you can earn progress across multiple challenges at once.

Completion Tips

  • Salvager’s Salvo or Deafening Whisper will be your best choices for the Explosive Conclusions challenge. Plus, you can run Proving Grounds to make progress towards The Harder They Fall.
  • Igneous Hammer and Bottom Dollar should be your go-to choices for Iron Banner.
  • Try to focus on the weapon challenges for the Prismatic Recaster Lenses. You will naturally unlock the Tribute Chest focuses over time.

…The Harder They Fall

Defeat 20 Elite or Boss Cabal in the Proving Grounds Strike.

For this challenge, you’ll need to kill 20 Elite or Boss tier Cabal enemies within the Proving Ground strike. Thankfully, this shouldn’t take more than two clears since this level is absolutely littered with powerful enemies. Setting aside the boss, you can run into around 10 since there a lot of named enemies that will appear. Keep in mind, you don’t need to do this in the playlist or Nightfall, so just load up the strike via the Nessus destination map for some easy clears.

Explosive Conclusions

Use a Rocket Launcher or grenades to defeat 600 combatants anywhere in the system. Bonus progress for rapidly defeating them and for defeating Cabal. 

This is the biggest grind of the week since you need to kill a lot of enemies with explosives. To ease your burden, I suggest using both Salvager’s Salvo and a rocket launcher in your Power weapon slot. Doing so will ensure you always have access to explosives, allowing you to make progress towards completing this challenge. I recommend grinding the Proving Ground strike first so you can also complete the challenge above. Once you’re done with that, Battlegrounds will be your best source of densely packed Cabal. If you don’t have Salvager’s Salvo then consider using Deafening Whisper or even Fighting Lion.

Destiny 2 Cabal VIP Location

Lenses in Focus

Go to the Prismatic Recaster and discover how to unlock 15 more lenses.

To complete Lenses in Focus you essentially need to almost complete the entire Prismatic Recaster. There are a total of 22 Focuses available, but 6 of them will already be tied to your previous Lenses in Focus challenge. This means you need an additional 15 focuses unlocked to complete this week’s challenge. Some of these are simple and tied to just opening Tribute Chests, while others task you with getting a ton of kills with specific weapon archetypes. There’s a good chance many of you will retroactively complete this challenge when you log in, however, for those that need to grind I suggest diving into Battlegrounds. Not only will this let you make progress to the Tribute Chest focuses, but you can use the weapons tied to some of the other focuses you haven’t completed.

In Your Element

Defeat 80 Guardians in the Iron Banner with Elemental takedowns. Earn bonus progress for Stasis takedowns.

Oh, I’m sorry did you think Iron Banner was going to be any less annoying this week? For the In Your Element challenge, you’ll need to kill Guardians with Elemental weapons/abilities. This is going to be easy for many of you since Igenous Hammer is an Energy sniper rifle hand cannon and an extremely popular choice. Other options for the Energy slot include Palindrome, Gnawing Hunger, Frozen Orbit, Duality, Felwinter’s Lie, and Bottom Dollar. You’ll also want to run Stasis to both be toxic and make additional progress towards this challenge. It’s Iron Banner, you might as well try to tilt as many people as possible anyway.

Warrior From Beyond

In strikes, defeat 300 combatants with elemental final blows. Earn bonus progress by defeating combatants with Stasis.

Another challenge you can make progress towards while completing…Harder They Fall and Explosive Conclusions. All this challenge requires is you deal 300 elemental final blows in strikes, which is surprisingly easy to do — if a bit tedious. Once again I recommend either an elemental primary or Salavger’s Salvo since these will help you maximize your final blows. Also, consider running Salvation’s Grip since it’s the only Stasis weapon at the moment.


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