Destiny 2 Savathun Eye Guide – All 50 Savathun Eye Locations

Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals is in full swing so that means there are new exotic weapons to hunt down. One of these is the Ruinous Effigy, which at the time of writing this hasn’t unlocked yet. While the quest was data-mined, we also know that this weapon is used to destroy the 50 Savathun Eyes scattered throughout the solar system. Some believe that destroying these is tied to either upgrading or fully masterworking this Exotic’s catalyst.

Below is the location of every single Savathun Eye that you need to destroy. Most of these are available via just exploring the planet and there’s a high chance you’ve already seen them during your travels. However, five of these eyes are tied to The Whisper mission on Io and another five are located in the new Prophecy dungeon at The Tower. You will need to venture into both of these activities to fully complete this monumental task.

(Author’s Note: For the sake of clarity. The photos of the orb’s locations are above the text, not below.)

Titan (1-10)

1. Siren’s Watch by Sloane

Spawn in by Sloane and head further into the compound. Where you normally jump down to leave you’ll find an unmissable eye staring at you.

2. Siren’s Watch Overlook

Now head across the bridge up to the area where the Fallen captain constantly pesters you from above. After clearing them out, head to the part which overlooks the alleyway between the two buildings and the eye will be hovering above you.

3. Sinking Docks

Now turn around and head towards the Sinking Docks. After you cross the broken bridge and enter a room with Hive, kill them and as per usual, turn around to see the eye above the window which looks back towards where you came from.

4. Methane Flush Lost Sector

Before we move onto the next area, jump down into the Methane Flush Lost Sector. The eye is very well hidden in the first room with enemies, locked away up in the ceiling. By standing to the left or the right of the metal beam you should be able to get a shot at it.

5. The Rig Public Event

Fast travel over to The Rig and quickly run into the public event space where the eye will be waiting for you.

6. The Rig Cliff

We’re about to head down to the Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector, but before you do so, make sure to check that exact walkway for another of Savathun’s eyes.

7. Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector

As we just mentioned, go complete Cargo Bay 3, open the chest and turn around to find yet another pesky eye.

8. DS Quarters-2 Lost Sector

Now for the other side. Rather than jumping down to the walkway, turn around and go down into the structure for the DS Quarters-2 Lost Sector. When you fight a Hive Knight, search around the area for an eye that’s on ground level but hidden behind some crates.

9. Festering Halls in The Solarium

Go to The Solarium and first head south into the Festering Halls. When you jump down into the area with Hive Thralls, you want to turn around and look up.

10. Arboretum in The Solarium

Now backtrack and head north into the Arboretum instead. When you get to the area with the giant screen and pink light, turn around for the final eye on Titan. This is just before the area where you need to dunk the orb to kill the first Shrieker in the Savathun’s Song strike.

Io (11-20)

11. The Rupture Spawn

This one is right next to the main spawn point on Io near Asher. Just drop onto the planet and look to your right.

12. The Rupture Far Corner

Head over to the entrance to Aphix Conduit Lost Sector and go just a bit north. When you look over to the structures over in the middle of the area you should see the eye poking out.

13. Aphix Conduit Lost Sector

Now head inside Aphix Conduit and complete the Lost Sector. Once you take down the final boss, open the chest and turn around.

14. Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector

Jump back over to Asher and run inside the Sanctum of Bones. When you come into the first area with enemies, take them out and look around the walls for the eye. If you head up the ramp on the left you should be able to see it from there.

15. Lost Oasis Spawn

Now port on over to the Lost Oasis spawn point. The eye is just to your right though it’s concealed by the rocks in front of you. In the screenshot above I’ve simply jumped which brings it into view.

16. Lost Oasis Tree

This one is straight ahead from the Lost Oasis spawn, under the giant tree. Don’t jump down into the cavern, just walk along the left side edge and you should find it with ease.

17. Excavation Site II

Giant’s Scar will be where we get the remaining Eyes of Savathun. Head through the gate and up the ramp to the right of the drill. This will take you to Excavation Site II. You’ll have to do a little fighting until you enter the second room in the building. It’s the same one with the Taken hole in the corner. Before you leave the room, turn around and the eye will be hiding in the upper left corner.

18. Giant’s Scar Drill

Run over to Xur’s cave. From there all you have to do is turn around and you should be able to see the eye poking out. You can, of course, move to get a better shot, but Xur’s cave is a well known reference point for us to use.

19. Terrabase Charon Fountain

Now turn left from looking at that eye at Xur’s Cave and head into Terrabase Charon. You’ll quickly come upon the location where the fountain of light motes came from during the campaign. The Eye of Savathun is chilling out just below the edge.

20. The Wraith Mines

From that location, turn right and head past the Taken Blights and into a medium sized Cabal door. Keep walking and eventually you’ll spill into a room with some more Taken enemies. Eliminate them and then look back at the door you came through to find the final eye.

Io – The Whisper Mission (21-25)

21. Opening Hallway

The first eye in The Whisper mission is right after you break the Taken Blight and jump down the hall. As you approach the first jumping section, you’ll see the eye embedded in the wall. This will be right about the area where you need to crouch walk through.

22. Taken Blight Hallway

The next eye won’t appear until you’ve entered the long hallway where the Taken Vandal Snipers shoot at you. Before you begin jumping across the thin platforms with the blights that push you off, turn to your left to see the eye hovering in the air. It will be at the very start of this section so make sure to start jumping after you destroy it.

23. Green Room

You’ll find the next eye in the large green room by the large stone orb. When you hop down, approach the orb and look to the bottom right to see the eye.

24. Green Room Shortcut Hole

After you destroy the eye in the center of the Green Room, turn around and head towards the hole you entered from. Below it, near a light, you will find a small alcove you can slip under to skip the entire jumping portion of this area. Progress through this shortcut to find the next eye on the left. This one is impossible le to miss if you are using the shortcut so don’t worry about walking by it!

25. Oracle Room

The last Savathun Eye in The Whisper mission is in the Oracle room right after you take the shortcut. Jump across the platforms on the right and follow them until you reach the Vex Gateway. Far above it is the final orb just hovering in the air.

Mars (26-35)

26. Braytech Futurescape

You can find your first eye on Mars in the building where Ana Bray is located. When you spawn, head inside and go up to where Ana is located. Now look to the right and up to see the eye hanging out in the corner of the room.

27. Braytech Futurescape

The second eye in Braytech Futurescape is directly to the left along the road towards Dynamo Approach. When you reach this large building, hop off your Sparrow, and look in the back right corner to see the eye hovering there.

28. Aurora Reach

Now head to Aurora Reach via the door near Ana on her left. Once you emerge outside for the first time, you’ll have some Hive on your right and the eye covering in the air when you gaze over the balcony on your left. This portion is just after the large Warmind statue, so it’s very early on.

29. Mindlab: Rasputin

You can find this eye at the very end of the Mindlab: Rasputin portion of Mars. Fight your way through the hordes of Hive enemies until you reach the door that actually leads to Rasputin. Once you get to the door, look to the left and you’ll see the eye tucked away in a crawlspace.

30. Core Terminus Lost Sector

This eye is located in the Core Terminus Lost Sector in Breytech Futurescape. Enter this Lost Sector and progress through it until you reach a short hallway filled with regular Thrall. After killing them but before progressing to the boss room, you’ll see the eye along an orange and white pillar.

31. Alton Dynamo

Once you’re done with the eyes in Breytech Futurescape, head left towards thew Alton Dynamo. Keep driving until you reach the small cave that leads you into the large underground base. Follow the same path as if you were doing the Will of the Thousands Strike. Fight your way all the way to the large, orange room at the end that has some Hive and a Wizard hanging around. You can find the eye in the rafters near the door you entered to the left.

32. Glacial Drift

From the Glacial Drift’s spawn point, summon your Sparrow and head to the top right. Near the entrance that leads towards Breytech Futurescape, you’ll find the eye resting by the pillar and scaffolding.

33. Glacial Drift

From the Glacial Drift spawn point, turn right and head to the left the side of the bridge. Go past where the Valkeryie and Escalation Protocol Tower appear and enter the small room on the left. Inside, near the back left corner by the elevator will be one of Savathun’s Eyes.

34. Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector

You can find this eye in the Glacial Drift Lost Sector called Ma’adim Subterrane. This is accessed via the cave up the hill to the right of this patrol zone’s spawn point. Once inside, fight your way to the very end and kill the Cabal boss waiting for you. After everyone is dealt with, go stand by the chest and look to the left. You should see a hole in the ceiling where light is shining down. Nestled in this hole is an eye you have to destroy.

35. Olympus Descent

The final eye on Mars is located at the very end of the Olympus Descent. At the Glacial Drift spawn point, head left and into the cave. Keeping going until you reach the fork in the road where you would normally go right if you were doing the Strike. Instead, run forward until you reach the outside area. Now run up all the way the hill and around the corner on the right to fight the last eye resting against the icy cliffs.

Mercury (36-45)

36. Brother Vance’s Lighthouse

The first of Savathun’s Eyes on Mercury is in Brother Vance’s Lighthouse. Once your inside, go to the back left corner of the Lighthouse and look up at the ceiling. You’ll find the eye tucked away behind some concrete slabs near an Osiris flag.

37. Mercury – Right Side

Now exit the Lighthouse and go to the right beyond the sand dunes towards the barren trees. You’ll find an eye of Savathun nestled in the middle of the second tree on the right.

38. Mercury – Infinite Forest Entrance

Continue circling around the right side until you reach the Infinite Forest’s entrance. Turn around and face the Lighthouse to see another eye floating above a large statue on the left.

 39. Mercury – Left Side

From the Mercury Lighthouse spawn, jump down and head to the left towards where the Cabal spawn. Run by them and approach the large metal debris surrounding a big stone orb. You’ll find the eye hidden between the orb and the metal debris. This one can be easy to miss, but if you hug the cliffside on the left you should have no trouble locating it.

40. Mercury – Public Event (Right Tower)

The next two are a little annoying to reach since they are entirely dependant on you reaching one side of the Public Event. When the Public Event starts, clear out the left side first and then head over to the right via the gravity lift. Now clear out the right side and deposit the charges so the lift rockets you to the far right tower. When you land, kill the boss, deposit the charge, and then head to the back. Start destroying the Vex crystals to spawn platforms until you reach the top. You’ll find the eye hovering near the plate you have to stand on to trigger the Heroic modifier.

41. Mercury – Public Event (Left Tower)

The second eye tied to the Mercury Public Event is in the left tower. Once you reach this side head towards the back where you’d shoot the crystals and turn around. In the top right corner, you’ll see the eye floating against the end of the wall and ceiling.

42. Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector

There are four eyes hidden throughout the Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector on Mercury. The first one is located at the very start of this activity. Once you enter the opening room, kill the Goblins, and look to your left towards the shield door you’ll exit when you kill the boss. The eye is hidden in the rafters above some metal wiring and scaffolding.

43. Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector

The next eye in the Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector is located in the second room where there are three destroyed statues and a lot of Vex. After clearing the room out, you will find the next orb hidden in a little tucked away room on the right behind a pillar.

44 & 45. Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector

Your final two Savathun Eyes on Mercury are at the very end of the Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector. Once you reach the boss room, kill everyone inside, and then approach the chest. Now turn around and look towards the side you entered from. Above you to the right and left will be two eyes hidden in the architecture.

The Prophecy Dungeon (46-50)

Unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to run through the dungeon while we were writing this. So in the event that we have to destroy these eyes at the Weekly Reset, here’s a handy guide by Youtuber Captainconor showing all five Savathun Eyes in The Prophecy Dungeon. For this activity, you will need to progress at least to the final encounter. Because of this, we recommend going into the dungeon at a minimal light of 1040, as this will make some of the encounters far less stressful.

That’s it! You have now blinded Savathun from watching out activities on Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury!