Destiny 2 The Revelry Guide: Seasonal Event, New Armor, & More

A brand new seasonal event is coming to Destiny 2. It’s called The Revelry and it will likely be the last major piece of content during the Season of the Drifter. At least it’s the last one listed on Bungie’s own roadmap for the newest expansion. We don’t know much more about it than that, just yet, but for now let’s take a look at we do know about The Revelry.

Seasonal events are not a new concept in Destiny. The fall has Festival of the Lost; winter brings The Dawning; last summer was the very first Solstice of Heroes; Valentine’s Day has Crimson Days. And now the spring season finally its own little bit of themed content. It has The Revelry.

In Destiny 2, seasonal events usually offer new armor, new Eververse gear, and some kind of new, limited gameplay experience. Last year’s Festival of the Lost, for instance, had players engage in a special version of the Infinite Forest for the chance at a very powerful auto rifle. The Revelry should be no different (which is to say it should have something completely different than what we’ve seen before. That means there’s plenty to look forward to in this new event in the Destiny universe.

When Does Destiny 2: The Revelry Start and End?

This one is easy. Bungie released a new 90-day content road map to coincide with its newly revealed Season of the Drifter details. You can read the full thing here, if you’re so inclined. But as far as The Revelry is concerned, the spring event for Destiny 2 will begin on April 16. After which it doesn’t end until all the way forward on May 6. That gives you a full three weeks (i.e. three Destiny 2 weekly resets worth of play time) to get… whatever it is The Revelry offers.

What’s interesting about this is event is that it’s the last piece of content listed on Bungie’s road map. That might be turning into something of a trend. The last Destiny 2 expansion, Black Armory, also closed out its content season (the Season of the Forge) with a holiday event. Specifically, it concluded with the Crimson Days Valentine’s event.

This year, that annual February event had players hook up as teams of two for Crucible matches. Although previous seasonal events in Destiny 2 — like the aforementioned Festival of the Lost and the winter holiday event called The Dawning — were largely PVE-oriented. It’s a lot harder to say what The Revelry will focus on, though, since 2019 will be the first year the quest has ever appeared.

Destiny 2: The Revelry

We know next to nothing about the new seasonal event coming to Destiny 2 just yet. What do know is that the Infinite Forest will return thanks to some declassified Triumphs. Rather than the Haunted Forest this time, however, we’re getting the Verdant Forest.

It’s safe to say the experience will likely be similar. Expect a race against time experience where your fireteam rushes to clear branch after branch. Killing enough enemies fills your meter. Completely doing so teleports your squad to the boss chamber where you’ll need to work together to bring it down.

You’ll then start over with another random set of branches, racing to clear as many bosses as possible in 15 minutes.

There will be rewards of course. For instance, the gameplay montage displayed the upcoming Inaugural Revelry armor set. Said gear is being worn by three Guardians on the sunnier, far past version of Mercury.

Revelry Quests

Thanks to, we know there are two introductory quests for The Revelry.

A New Season Begins (Revelry Quest)

Eva Levante will return to brief us on the all-new Revelry event!

1. Grandmother Nature

The Revelry has arrived. Visit Eva Levante in the Tower Bazaar to learn more.

2. The Verdant Forest

Complete a run of the Verdant Forest.

3. Classified


4. Talk to Eva

Speak to Eva Levante at the Tower Bazaar.

Spring Comes to Eververse (Revelry Eververse Quest)

Sounds like Osiris got into trouble again in the Infinite Forest.

1. Party in Style

Speak to Tess in the Tower.

2. Spring into Action

There are rumors floating around the Tower that Osiris may have hijacked the Infinite Forest to run his own simulation. Enter the Verdant Forest to judge that for yourself.

3. Recon Complete

You completed your investigation of the Verdant Forest, and frankly, you’re skeptical about those rumors. Best to let Tess down gently.

Check back right here closer to the release of The Revelry to find out more about what it has to offer! We’ll update this guide with all the latest details — new armor, new gear, new weapons, new gameplay, and more. But in the meantime, thanks for reading!


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