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Destiny 2 Retrofit Escapade Deepsight Guide - Fire and Forget Pattern Farm

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph has brought out a new set of Braytech-themed weapons, and like in previous seasons, they’re all craftable. These weapons all come with the Origin Trait Ambush, which grants improved range, handling, and damage against combatants during the opening moments of an engagement. Here’s how to best farm for Deepsight versions of the Retrofit Escapade LMG in Destiny 2.

How to Get Destiny 2 Retrofit Escapade Deepsight Patterns in Destiny 2

To unlock the Destiny 2 Retrofit Escapade pattern, you need to earn and complete five Deepsight Resonance versions of the weapon. For the unfamiliar, these are weapons that drop with a red border around them and a progress bar. Keep in mind that you no longer have to equip and level up the weapon to extract pattern progress. If you don’t need the extra 200 Resonant Elements for crafting, you can just dismantle the gun and complete the resonance.

Destiny 2 Seraphic Deepsight Weapon

There are a couple of methods for obtaining these patterns. Before we get into the most efficient, here’s a quick breakdown of every way we currently know about to earn a Seraphic Deepsight weapon in Destiny 2:

  • Focusing Umbral Engrams at the H.E.L.M.
  • Heist Battlegrounds (with upgrade)
  • Seasonal vendor rank-up rewards

Currently, there are three major ways to get Deepsight patterns for the Seraphic weapons. The first is by focusing Umbral Engrams at the new seasonal vendor in the H.E.L.M. To do this, you will need to unlock the “Seraphic Weapon Focusing” node in the Upgrades menu. Doing so will let you turn regular Umbral Engrams into a random roll of any Seraphic gun of your choice. However, this will not be a guaranteed Deepsight pattern until you obtain the Focusing Deepsight pattern much later in the season. There’s also a Seraphic Weapon engram, but this won’t let you pick which gun you want to farm for.

Destiny 2 Seraphic Deepsight Weapon

Second, you can complete Heist Battlegrounds — but note that you need particular upgrades for this to be a guaranteed drop. On the “Efficient Upgrades” row at the Exo Frame, the level two upgrade “Heisted Deepsight” will reward you with an additional Seraph weapon that you do not have the Pattern for when you open your first locked Seraph Chest each week. Additionally, the final upgrade on the same row, “Seraphic Deepsight Bonus,” will provide a chance to drop an additional seasonal weapon with a guaranteed Deepsight Resonance that you do not have the pattern for.

Finally, you can earn a guaranteed Seraphic Deepsight weapon by hitting Rank 13 with the seasonal vendor. Once you reach this rank, just go visit the Exo Frame and select the “Deepsight Seraphic Weapons” engram. You’ll be given a random Deepsight Seraphic weapon completely free. Additionally, if you reset this vendor, you will still be able to earn this engram by hitting Rank 13 again.

Of the three methods, probably the easiest is to obtain the upgrades at the Exo Frame that will guarantee you Deepsight drops on completing Heist Battlegrounds. If you’re doing the seasonal story, you’re going to be running a lot of battlegrounds anyway.

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