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Destiny 2 Reaper Title Guide – All Season of the Haunted Triumphs

(Do Fear) The Reaper.

Who’s ready to grind out another Destiny 2 title? Season of the Haunted is now live, and that means it’s time to chip away at adding another (or your first) title to your repertoire. There are a number of triumphs you’ll need to complete in order to unlock it, but the good news is you won’t need to complete the associated seasonal badge. For everyone who wants a badass title to go alongside that edgy as heck armor, you’ll need to earn a total of ten triumphs to unlock the Reaper title.

Reaper Title Required Triumphs

  • Severance: Complete all seven steps for the Bound in Sorrow mission.
  • Vendor Upgrades Unlocked: Unlock all 18 upgrades for the Crown of Sorrow.
  • Tritainment: Successfully defeat each Tier 3 Nightmare Containment boss: Elykris, the Machinist; Anaphex, Sworn to Otzot; and Navota, Eir-Spawn.
  • Harvester of Sorrows: Bind Nightmares after completing Tier 3 Nightmare Containment activities.
  • Malicious Haunt: Defeat combatants and Guardians with Season of the Haunted weapons. Defeated Guardians grant additional progress.
  • Reaper’s Blade: Defeat combatants on the Derelict Leviathan with the Scythe.
  • Opulent Avarice: Open locked chests with Opulent Keys on the Derelict Leviathan.
  • Hear, Don’t Head: In Sever activities, find and listen to all six of Calus’ automatons.
  • #1 Fan: Collect all of the dignified effigies of Calus aboard the Derelict Leviathan and proudly display them in the HELM.

All Shadow’s Return Triumphs

We’re splitting out Shadow’s Return because this one Triumph itself requires you to complete 12 other individual Triumphs. It tasks you with defeating dangerous Loyalist threats while exploring the Derelict Leviathan destination and claiming the associated Triumphs.

  • Fever Dream: Defeat each of the powerful Nightmares within Haunted Alcoves on the Derelict Leviathan and claim the associated Triumphs.
    • Sporest of Beasts: Clear the Haunted Alcove guarded by resting hounds. Kill Nightmare of Carun, Beastmaster.
    • Nightmare Breached: Clear the Haunted Alcove opposite Calus by killing Nightmares of Kra’lok, the Sword, and Ha’lok, the Shield.
    • Drainage: Clear the Haunted Alcove connected to an old, unused passage by killing Nightmare of Qalec, the Sniper.
    • Ritual Under Shadow: Clear the Haunted Alcove passageway containing Nightmare of Sy’ad, the Unending.
  • A Guardian is a Guardian, Even in a Nightmare: Assist coalition troops by disrupting Calus’ Loyalist forces aboard the Derelict Leviathan and claim the associated Triumphs.
    • At the Behest of the Empress: Defeat Au’gor, Devoted of Calus and Jai’ek, Supplicant of Calus.
    • Exile Ended: Defeat a Loyalist commander and release its prisoner.
    • Battle Lines: Defeat a Loyalist force defending their territory and bring down the Loyalist Sentinel Commander.
    • Shared Fears: Defeat Cek’ik, Seeker of the Deep, linked by an old bond of war.
  • Get to Taking Out Their Commanders, One by One: On the Derelict Leviathan, defeat Nightmare of Ky’leks, the Docked, and Nightmare of Evoks, the Burned within the Royal Pools.
  • Controlled Burn: On the Derelict Leviathan, defeat Nightmare of Tlazet, Fed to Beasts, and Nightmare of Uaoc, Spine Breaker roaming within the Pleasure Gardens.

Got all that? The good news is you don’t need to complete the Dungeon: Duality seal, which involves collecting all five armor pieces, the exotic weapon, the exotic ship, six weapons, and the emblem. Those 14 items exist only for the badge and aren’t currently a part of any seal or title.

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