Destiny 2 Planetary Materials Farming Guide – Complete the Tribute Hall Quickly

Working on the Tribute Hall in Destiny 2? If so, you know that it takes a lot of planetary materials. You know, those resources you harvest one at a time from spawn points. There’s got to be an easier way! Well, there is — YouTuber Pyro Gaming has discovered a trick you can use to build up your reserves without any work on your part. Is it underhanded? Maybe a little. I’ll lay it out here, then you can decide whether or not you want to use it.

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1. Lower Your Light Level

The first thing you want to do is get your Light Level down. If you’re around 700, this is going to take some doing. Pyro Gaming recommends buying the common 200 Power items from Hawthorne, but there’s another way to do it. If you’ve been stockpiling Eververse armor in anticipation of it becoming ornaments in the fall, you’ll likely have a ton of 10 Power equipment in your Vault. Slap enough of it on to get your Light Level down into the 400s.

2. Head to a Black Armory Forge

Now you’re going to hit up a Black Armory Forge activity. If you’re looking for Dusklight, go to one of the EDZ forges. For Microphasic Datalattice, visit one of the forges on Nessus. Unfortunately, this exploit requires a forge event, so you can’t use it to gain any other planetary resource (at least not directly, more on that later).

With your Light Level in the 400s, load into the forge. Now I know what you’re thinking: “but with my level that low, I won’t even be able to damage the enemies!” And you’re exactly right. You’re going to load in, step away from Destiny 2, and go about your life. Pet a dog, do a crossword, watch the sunset. Meanwhile, your guardian will be dying and failing to ignite the forge.

The thing is, unsuccessful completions of Black Armory Forges give you planetary materials. And because the event only lasts for 60 seconds and constantly drops you back into matchmaking, you’ll be passively generating materials without being booted into orbit for being AFK.

Isn’t this screwing over other players, though? Not really, as Pyro points out. Since matchmaking puts you with players near your Light Level, any guardians you spawn into the forge with aren’t going to be at a high enough Power to actually damage the enemies. You’ll like just drop in with other people doing the exact same thing, so you can do this secure in the knowledge that you’re not ruining anyone else’s day.

3. Spend Your Ill-Gotten Goods

You can use those planetary resources to buy Tributes for the Tribute Hall, or you can spend them at their respective planetary vendors. The latter will grant you legendary shards as well as — eventually — masterworked equipment. Or, you can visit Spider on the Tangled Shore to see if you can exchange them for Glimmer or something else you need. The sky’s the limit.

I ran this for twenty minutes and got 24 Dusklight Shards. Pyro Gaming says he simply left the game running overnight and built up over 1500. Note that they’ll show up as Lost Items at the Postmaster, not in your inventory.

So, is this an exploit you’re comfortable using? If so, you should get on it right away — I wouldn’t be surprised if Bungie patches it within a week or two.