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Destiny 2 New Purpose Guide - New Purpose God Roll & How to Get it

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted is here, and it’s the spookiest addition yet. With the return of Emperor Calus’ mighty Leviathan, players are tasked with venturing into this massive ship to deduce what has happened to this corrupted vessel. Along with the new Nightmare Containment activity, players can earn new weapons, armor, and cosmetics for your Guardian.

Along with the seasonal and world loot drops, we also got six dungeon firearms that are exceptionally strong. Perhaps the best — especially for PVP — is the New Purpose pulse rifle. A Stasis weapon, this pulse rifle can roll with some terrific perks and is definitely one of the main reasons to farm the dungeon. It’s also a solid alternative to The Messanger for those who don’t want to play Trials of Osiris.

How to Get New Purpose

You can only get New Purpose in the Duality dungeon. This weapon drops from the final encounter, which is the final boss fight with Nightmare Caiatl. Keep in mind, that this gun is not a guaranteed drop at the end of this battle. You could also get the machine gun or a piece of armor. If you do snag New Purpose, even just once, it will then become a possible reward from either of the dungeon’s two secret chests and the additional engram you get for beating the final boss. Remember, you can endlessly farm the dungeon so you aren’t limited to running this activity once a week.

New Purpose God Rolls

New Purpose PVE God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake
  • High-Caliber Rounds or Appended Mag
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Headstone or Adaptive Munitions

When it comes to the New Purpose, there are a couple of solid rolls you can use depending on your playstyle. In the barrel slot, I am selecting Arrowhead Brake since that +30 to recoil is fantastic and the handling bonus is just icing on the cake. We’re also slapping on High-Caliber Rounds for the small range boost and the ability to stunlock lower-tier adds. However, you can also rock Appended Mag for the six extra bullets in the magazine. Both are fine, so it really comes down to which you prefer.

As for primary perks, Feeding Frenzy is absolutely the best option in the first slot. New Purpose has a very slow reload speed, so being able to increase this by just killing enemies is terrific. Where things interesting is in the second slot, as this weapon can roll with either Headstone or Adaptive Munitions. The former is terrific for those that are using Stasis or want to just turn enemies into ice bombs. Inversely, Adaptive Munitions triggers on every elemental shield since the weapon is Kinetic. It’s a solid perk on a Kinetic weapon, which makes it great for higher-end activities.

New Purpose PVP God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling
  • High-Caliber Rounds
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Desperado

For those wanting to bring New Purpose into the Crucible, there’s a very specific roll I highly recommend. In the magazine slot, you’ll want either Corkscrew Rifling or Chambered Compensator. Both are fantastic options with the former buffing range, handling, and stability while the latter increases stability and recoil control. Just remember, you will get a small penalty to handling if you go with Chambered Compensator.

Looking at the primary perks I recommend the absolutely disgusting combo of Perpetual Motion and Desperado. Perpetual Motion gives the user stability, handling, and reload buff while they are moving. Given players will almost always be running around in the Crucible, rarely this won’t be triggered. In the second column, Desperado is the perk you want. After a precision final blow and reload the fire rate of this weapon will be drastically increased. This allows you to melt enemies in seconds due to the gun’s solid impact and normal slow fire rate.

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