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Destiny 2 Nation of Beasts Guide – Nation of Beasts God Roll & How to Get It

With Destiny 2: Beyond Light less than a month away, players are starting to farm for god rolls of different weapons. There are a fair amount of potential firearms worth grinding for, but for hand cannon fans I suggest casting your eyes on the Nation of Beasts. A fan favorite when the Forsaken expansion launched, the Nation of Beasts faded in popularity due to weapons like Spare Rations releasing. However, with the new raid surviving the expansion, the Nation of Beasts is once again worth farming for — especially if you’re a fan of the original Destiny’s Fatebringer from the Vault of Glass raid.

How to Get the Nation of Beasts

The Nation of Beasts can only be acquired in the Last Wish raid found in The Dreaming City. This hand cannon can be obtained in any encounter, however, the Bungie curated roll. is only a possible reward after killing Morgeth. While you can get other variants of this hand cannon throughout other battles, Morgeth is where you will need to farm for the curated roll. Since this hand cannon is limited to the raid, you’ll need to spend a fair amount of time completing this endgame activity. Thankfully, Last Wish is fairly easy since it’s been around for so long and most veteran players are quite knowledgeable of this activity.

For those looking to farm not curated rolls of the Nation of Beasts, you can access the hidden chests without a fireteam, giving you a maximum of five raid drops a week. When you arrive, go to the secret Last Wish code wall and input Wish 4 to transport to Shuro Chi. After you’re killed and respawn, turn around and run across the support beams of the bridge back towards where Kalli is located. About midway through the bridge, you can hop down and open up the secret chest hidden in the rocks below. You can do the same for Morgeth, but this chest is only accessible to Warlocks and Titans since Hunters cannot clear the gap. If you want to use this method, check out Sweatcicle’s video above on their locations.

Nation of Beasts God Rolls

Nation of Beasts PVE God Roll

  • Extended Barrel
  • Tactical Mag or Extended Mag
  • Outlaw
  • Rampage or Killclip

Before we get into this roll, it should be noted that the actual god roll for the Nation of Beasts is the curated roll from Bungie. This one comes with Outlaw and Firefly, allowing you to absolutely destroy waves of red tier mobs with ease. If you earn this roll, I strongly recommend holding onto it. For those unlucky enough to not get this, you’re going to want the roll above. Extended Barrel gives us a boost to range and recoil control at the cost of handling. Decreasing our stow speed isn’t that big of a deal in PVE, so this negative aspect shouldn’t detract from the weapon’s capability. We also want additional rounds in the magazine since it can only hold 10 without any modifiers or perks. Both Tactical Mag or Extended Mag is perfect for this, plus Extended Mag’s penalty to reload doesn’t matter with Outlaw.

Speaking of, our primary perks are the ever boring (but faithful) combination of Outlaw and Killclip. This gives us a nice boost in damage, while speeding up our reload so we can reengage targets faster. It’s not flashy or really special, but it’s efficient in every scenario. If you’re not a fan of Killclip, then Rampage is the next best choice since we can slap a Rampage mod on this gun too. Again, the curated roll is what you should grind for since Firefly is a much better PVE perk for dealing with general adversaries.

Nation of Beasts PVP God Roll

  • Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Opening Shot
  • Explosive Payload

If you are planning to use the Nation of Beasts in PVP then you are looking for a very specific roll. This gun has a remarkably limited perk pool, so don’t expect a ton of flexibility from this firearm. In the first slot, you’ll want Hammer-Forged Rifiling to increase your overall range without any penalties. Corkscrew Rifling is a suitable replacement, but always use Hammer-Forged if it’s available. Accurized Rounds also increases our range, allowing us to duel well beyond what we normally should able to. Finally, you will want Opening Shot to ensure we always land our first bullet and Explosive Paylod to cause targets to flinch when they’re shot. This is a deadly combination that can utterly wreck someone who isn’t great at compensating for the extra recoil caused by Explosive Payload.

Even though it’s not the best hand cannon for PVP, Nation of Beasts a decent choice for those looking for a weapon that isn’t Dire Promise or Gnawing Huner.

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