Destiny 2 NASA Emblem Guide – How to Get Orbital Cartographer

Hidden in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is an emblem which is dedicated to NASA. The Orbital Cartographer emblem is located on the Moon patrol zone. To find it all you need to do is head to the K1 Logistics Lost Sector in Archer’s Line. Continue through the sector until you find the boss area with a shielded servitor. Just past the servitor is a room with a door which is locked when you approach it. You can’t unlock it, however. Instead you need to climb up the building, find a crashed drone, and pull the emblem from it.

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Here’s the Orbital Cartographer Emblem:

What exactly is the emblem? NASA is launching a mission called the Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper headed to the moon in 2021. One of the satellites is scheduled to crash land once the mission is complete and Bungie has added that satellite to the game. Here’s what it looks like:

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In short, it’s just a little tribute which helps make the game feel more grounded in reality. Though fans of the original Destiny will be very familiar with the number of fallen Warsats already on the moon.

And that’s it! Enjoy the new emblem!

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